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I had a dream that I was

I had a dream that I was doing dishes and I heard a scream from my daughter’s room she is 11 with special needs so I go to run to her room and she had her pink and purple leotard on and had one leg over the window she had pushed the screen out on accident and was trying to get it. I ran in and tried not to be startled and she fell I ran down the stairs and screamed someone call 911. I couldn’t wake myself up. So I am down there and I take my shirt off and tell people not to move her and the paramedics came she was alive but part of her spine broke through her back, and she had a gash on her head and needed a bunch of surgery. I layed in the gurny with her face down on me and I was crying and I couldn’t wake myself up I was pacing in the waiting room and the dr came out and said everything went well but I kept going back to her falling and I couldn’t wake up finally I woke up ran to her room and just kissed her and hugged her I couldn’t go back to sleep. I was freaking out and still am. It was so real. After I was able to wake up I kept trying to fall back to sleep and kept going back to her falling over and over again.

I had a dream I was at

I had a dream I was at work and my mother facetimed me, she was frantic and said my son had been stung by bees, I told her to bring him to the hospital and than she started crawling away, I saw my son struggling to breath and swelling up, I screamed at her to call 911 and I woke up

Me, my husband and my ddaughter were

Me, my husband and my ddaughter were on vacation somewhere and by our hotel we see a car that got into an accident. There was no damage to the car , but all the things that were inside of the car were now on the ground. Everywhere. The trunk and some doors were open. There was a driver and a passenger sitting motionless in the car. They looked dead. But they weren't. One other bystander was there at the scene calling 911. The paramedics showed up and the hotel turned into a hospital with a bed. They put them on a stretcher and put them in the back of the ambulance.

I dreamed I was caring for a

I dreamed I was caring for a old man and in his bed he was chocking and dying. I couldn't get 911 to answer the phone until it was to late

I was walking down a road and

I was walking down a road and I come upon a house, the door is gone and the roof is also missing. I walk inside and into a bedroom, on the bed is a pool of blood. I look over to the side and see a mocking bird in a nest. I then walk out and dial 911. The police come and search the area, finding severed legs and a torso. They later learn that theyre is a serial killer on the loose.

I dreamed that I was at a

I dreamed that I was at a house with some people from church. One lady was pregnant and started to go into labor. So I dialed 911 and began to talk to the operator. She told me to check to see if she had sensimilla that would affect the child. Then she gave birth

I had a dream that I watched

I had a dream that I watched as my co-worker crossed the highway and was hit by a large white pickup truck, I crossed the road and called 911

I had a dream that at my

I had a dream that at my house, someone came over and brought their dogs. Well it was a party. And so as the party's going, the dogs come running to me and then they jump on me and start biting me and scratching me. By the time they were done, my stomach was cut and half of me was on the ground and I was bleeding really bad, I was dying. Then I was screaming in pain and no one was calling 911 they all ignored me. You wouldn't call 911 but you'd help me stop the bleeding as much as you could. In my dream I called it and they said they had no ambulances and then I called again and again. Eventually they came and we were on our way to the hospital and people wouldn't pull over. I don't remember the rest of the dream.

I was in an office of a

I was in an office of a professor and it was surrounded by glass and overlooked a large body of water. While the professor, my boyfriend, and I were talking out of no where a chunk of of an airplane fell out of the sky while it was on fire and people were falling out. My boyfriend started to call 911 but the professor (who is also our boss) said to hang up and we both stared at her in confusion but listened anyway. A second chunk of the plane while also on fire fell out of the sky and I started to panic and it became very apparent in my face. She told me "penelope wait-then let it all come in" and so I took a deep breath and I let it out very slowly and I felt calm I felt reassured. I kissed my boyfriend and right after that the other chunks of the plane fell out of the sky all on fire. That is when we all started to look for a way out through the window. The professor immediately, right after i opened my eyes grabbed a chair and smashed it against the window. We tried with another chair to break it but it would not. At some point we broke the window and jumped out into the body of water to try to escape we heard screams and rhe police was showing up in big groupd while things falling apart. People said it was a terrorist attack. Then after people were saved we entered the waiting room and everyone stared at us mad questioning why we didn't call the police when it first happened and why it took so long for us to call them. They were all really mad and said that maybe we were part of it but they were specifically looking at me a lot. I was so nervous and angry because it had been so traumatizing that I couldn't believe they would think that. I tried to talk about it with my friend and she had to leave while we were in some sort of hallway with a tv and the TV was so loud that as she left there was a room in that hallway and a man was very mad at the volume level it was on so he screamed at us to turn it down but his voice was so rough that it sounded like it was the airplane falling again and I started to panic but realized he was just scolding us and I took a deep breath to calm down. I saw my other friend and asked her if she was okay and she tried to make me laugh as she always tries but she could tell i was in a lot of pain and she told me she'd take me out of dinner since we couldn't eat in the dorm they were still picking up the pieces. I was then in the computer lab trying to talk to my friends and telling them that my boyfriend did call 911 and everything that happened. I asked my best friend if she thought I should tell my mother what had happened but she said no and so I looked at the clock and it was 11pm and I was trying to decide if I should call my cousin who I'm really close to to tell her. I felt so shocked I couldn't believe I had been through something so awful and I felt like the memory was all inside my heart and I could not stop thinking about it. I decided it was too late to call but was desperate for someone to talk to.

Old women broken in my house and

Old women broken in my house and stole almost everything, including my purse. I walked in on them and I couldn't scream help. I called 911 and noone answered. I went to the police department but I couldn't find an officer. then I woke up.