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I was laing in coals and I

I was laing in coals and I heard the Holy Spirit say jacobs ladder and then I pulled a latter from a lighted building window. I was at a train station and saw a outdated train behind me

I dreamed I was in a big

I dreamed I was in a big castle of the devil and awaited my turn to go in for a session with the devil. While I was in the waiting room I saw lot of kids they were sleeping and one corner I saw two people making love and I felt the evilness in the Castle. I then decided to escape, I saw myself ran down the stairs of the castle and somehow I got to the bottom it is a beach and I ran but infront of me were totally darkness and I have no idea what I am going to run to in the darkness and then I saw the devil a man fly outside the castle to come after me and then I decided to go back instead of running into this totally darkness, and he got hold of my left hand and led me back to the castle...but at the same time I cried out "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Holy Spririt Help me Help me and I know the devil was disappear and I never went back in to the castle....Thank you

The Holy Spirit was a little girl

The Holy Spirit was a little girl with blonde hair and was scary. She took everything from every room and I was scared of her. She was taking everything from me

In my dream there was another person

In my dream there was another person carrying a baby like 4-6 months of age beside me. There was a little picture frame which kinda looks familiar. Of a sudden the frame started to glow so bright and it also produced soft music. So I directed my attention to the frame. Readable Words started appearing at a time and disappearing on the picture frame. The baby was trying to come to me but the person carrying the baby restricted the baby from disturbing me. The person carrying the baby confirmed to me that the music was audible but couldn't see the light from the frame. And he/she ( don't remember gender) that was carrying the baby knew I was having an encounter with the Holy Spirit that's why he/she restrained baby from coming to me. The only words I can remember reading off the picture frame was "have no fear".

In a giant cave like structure, this

In a giant cave like structure, this divine woman stood a step above me. I stood in front of her, and she asked me a question with no right or wrong answer. then she invited me up to the step above my current one, to stand on her level, and she glared into my eyes with her purple eyes. we looked at each other for awhile. then she took my left hand and she drew a circle on my left palm, she wrote "the father, the son, and the holy spirit", followed by her pointing to a shiny black pyramid way up high, the top of the pyramid was facing down, spinning counterclockwise. I felt it was my house. it was moving up into the light, the light from the hole in the ceiling of the cave. I looked at my hand, and the words she wrote had a glow to them.