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The dream started with me in a

The dream started with me in a souvenir shop for some kind of aquarium or zoo. I was by myself looking for a gift for either my mom or my dad when I noticed someone looking at me from some kind of back door. I started to walk over to the door and as I reached out to open it the setting changed to a shark tunnel where I was standing on a long treadmill and above me was a shark tank. I was looking up when all of a sudden a shark started to hit the glass underneath it and right before it shattered, the dream ended.

My current boyfriend, who I plan to

My current boyfriend, who I plan to leave, came home to our new apartment with three kittens he found. The kitten in the middle had two different colored eyes. One blue eye and one brown eye. I asked him if we could keep in and. The kitten got along with my ferrets, so we decided it was okay. We had to move in and rearrange all of our furniture, and as I turned the corner I noticed that the wall was completely wood, and had a row of large built in aquariums that were completely set up with no animals.

I was on the couch with my

I was on the couch with my two brothers when my sister a me in and asked me to babysit her daughter and her daughters friend. She told me to hang out with some adults who were also babysitting some children. We decided to go to Chuck-E-Cheese's, but it turned out to be a really crappy and nasty roller skating rink. We went to a apartment which turned out to be equally as crappy. We put the girls down for a nap and started exploring and found an aquarium room with mermaids. We were talking to the mermaids when some one told us they were lying and not to believe them so they began attacking us. We grabbed the girls and ran