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Me and 5 of my friends(Ally, Dominic,

Me and 5 of my friends(Ally, Dominic, Alex, Tyler, and Theron) were eating at subway after school and it was absolutely hilarious. Them Ally, Theron, and Tyler had to go to play practice and somehow I ended up at a creepy house near where my grandparents live where the only way to get to it is going across a one-person bridge. And I was there with my two guy friends Alex(who I had a crush on, not anymore) and Dominic(who is a rather close friend of mine). we went inside and when we were looking around Alex got attacked by this crazy old lady who apparently lived there. After Dominic and I saved him we quickly realized that the lady wouldn't let us leave unless we playefd a game with here. Which was a stripping game (it lands on you and you take a piece of clothing off). I tried to leave but was beat up around the house by a magical broom.I knew we couldn't leave unless we played the game. Dominic, Alex, and myself sat around this twister board marked up like " girl-shirt , boys-shirt, boys-pants" eytc.we started playing it. Ironically it never landed on the old lady. But I was barefoot and still was half clothed since I had lost my shirt. Dominic lost his shirt and shoes. Alex lost his shirt, shoes, and socks. The spinner landed on "boys-pants" meaning both of them and they both got up, looked at each other, and started down their fly. The old lady then looked at me, cackled, with gleaming eyes and when I looked back both the guys were taking off their pants while looking at me. Then I woke up.

i dream that my crush and i

i dream that my crush and i finally got into a relationship and everything was great till it all went wrong. I went to school to look for him to tell him we were through, I guess there was someone else i was interested in. I got to school, he wasn't there.I told his friend to give his number to my friend so that my friend will give it to me since i had no phone. I went outside and waited in the front barefoot. I noticed that all the boys walked by with some flowers. And we were in front of our old middle school where we first met. He finally arrived and i noticed he had flowers. He was shy when h gave them to me as we hugged and i told him i loved him. We then made out. And his mom shows up (hes not suppose to date) and we were startled. We were introduced and his mom seems fine with it. His mom then said that its nice to meet me, but shes pretty sure shes not the mom of the son im looking for. As i turned to my crush he nodded and let me go. Next thing i know, im out, like looking for someone but not quite sure who.