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I was in a room withy girlfriend

I was in a room withy girlfriend when I heard her talking in her sleep I tried listen and she was talking about her baby while rubbing her stomach. I tried to wake her several times and when she finally woke there was a design on her face. I couldn't yell or speak and she went over to turn on the light which was ony side and then it was like the dream reset. I thought I had awoken but then it's like it started again. This time there was something different with the room. When I realized I should wake up its like it restarted again. I thought I was back in reality til I heard a dog barking outside and an old man base the doorway. He let the dog in and it was moving about them jumped on to the bed as the old man walked in looking for something. The dog leaped up on to the bed licking deep into my girlfriends crotch. As the dog was pushed away the man looks over to the bed and again it's reset. The final reset I encounter was the same room filled with stuffed toys and dolls. One specific was a clown like doll. I couldn't yell and the voices wouldn't stop. My girlfriend came out of bed as I tried to yell. She then began to blow me, shoving my dick all the way down and I was screaming but nothing was coming out. We would rock back and forth like a jack in the box would after popping out. I tried to grab for the light the clown got bigger and started moving towards me. Then I finally shoved myself out not knowing if It was going to happen again

My husband and I bought an old

My husband and I bought an old house at a marina and we were cleaning it out to start remodeling. That night I let my dogs out in our backyard and one of them wouldn't come back. She was just beyond the edge of the yard and kept barking so I went to get her and saw a lot of large dead birds on the ground. Then a rabid black wolf comes out of the darkness so I climbed up the slide on an old swing set. The wolf circled around us before grabbing a bird and leaving. When I ran the wolf chased us to an old mans house. I went in and got his shotgun to kill the wolf but woke up as I opened the back door to go outside and kill it.

I was being chased by a white

I was being chased by a white dog that barked and growled violently at me. When I jumped on a bench, the dog was still barking so I kicked the dog in the head. Then it ran away.