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I had a dream that I was

I had a dream that I was on the school bus heading towards the school.When we stopped a bunch of aliens got on the bus in an order like an army.The spit on the ground on about seat 8.Their seat was acid so it melted a hole through the bus.I tackled a alien with a ray gun and started to shoot the aliens filing in(I kept the gun).They looked like alien sterio types(green, big heads, and small bodies).Then I relized that I could let them make the hole really big and I could have everyone get out through the hole, but when they passed the hole I shot them and they desintigrated made the hole bigger.Everyone got out.I was the last one out, and then the bus exploded. Just then my friend named Cameron came rolling down the street on a long board.He picked me up and I asked him if he could ride faster because some aliens were chaseing us in a car.Then I told him to duck because someone tried to shot us.We fell and a bus rolled over us, and we grabed the underneith of the bus.We made a hole underneith the bus to get inside.When inside I saw that the busdriver was actually an alien.The alien spoke in a foreign language, but we figured he ment sit down.Cameron sat farther back, but I sat right behind the alien driving the bus. I hot the alien in the head, and then he spit on the wheel befor he died.I pushed his body out on the seat.Cameron came to the front of the bus.I told him to get the gause out of the blood kit, and I began to wrap the wheel up in gause as we sway without the wheel.Then I relize that we can undo the damage with the ray gun.We fix the wheel with the ray gun, and I ask Cameron where to go with the bus full of children.He says to follow the car in front of us, and it leads us to a bunch of people grouped together like a evaquation.We let the children off and I relize that the police men controling this are really aliens in disguise. I run over a alien in disguise while I try to turn the bus around so they can see the police men are really aliens. I tell Cameron we need to get in a different car, and we appear in a black car.All of the sudden I say that there is someone following us.He says that he doesn't hear anything, so I speed up and we both hear the second engine. I tell him to buckle up, 3 cars filled with aliens surround us. I hit the car in front of us, and then I go to reverse and hit the car behind us. I then push the car that was at the side of us off the edge. We ditch that car, and get in a car that looks exactly the same only without dents. We stop for gas, and 2 goverment agents pull up. One is an alien in disguise( I can tell because their eyes are all black). We get to talking and they tell us that the aliens destroyed everyone else. My mouth drops. They say that if we can survive 10 days then the world is ours, but if we don't then they destroy the Earth. They then pull our pants back and shoot a hole in our pants the human did it to me with a gun, the alien in disguise did it with a ray gun so there was a big hole. They start to walk away,but I ask if they have any way of tracking us, and they answer yes.I then ask where the lest densly alien populated contenent is and they say South America. They walk away, and we drive to clothing store. Cameron put some girl jeans on so the calfs are tight, and the thighs are baggy. I put on some dude boxers with a cool skull design. We're in the car and I ask him where we go and he says "Too South America" with a finger pointed up, and his face looking sort of upwards like in the movies. I then see a map in my mind of North and South America. I then see a red dot appear somewhere in southern Oregon, and it goes down close to the coast on the south down towards South America. When we get to the tip of North America we cross over and travel on the north side of South America close to the coast, and then I wake up.

I am a famous author of a

I am a famous author of a bunch of urban fiction novels and a mother of three beautiful little girls they are all dark skinned and have long hair. we are at the store and everybody in the store tells me how pretty my daughter are. we walk outside and this guy that I have been in love with since i was about 16 is waiting for us in the car. he gets out grabs the bags and puts them in the trunk of the car then he opens the door to the back seat and makes sure all our daughters are seating in the booster seats and buckled in. he closes the door then opens the passengarer door for me. then he gets in the driver side and we ride off into the night