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In real life, my ex and I

In real life, my ex and I broke up. And I'm one of Jehovah's Witnesses. In my dream, I was at an assembly of Jehovah's Witnesses, in the old building we use to go to years ago and my ex was there and we was still in a relationship. Later, we went home, but it was my old house that I sold and my ex was there too. And he was shirtless like he lived there with my parents and myself. I'm trying chicken wings and fried oreos and he comes to me the get some food and I punched him and he felt real although I know we are broken up outside the dream.

I was in my daycare but is

I was in my daycare but is was just one big building painted tan with nothing in the room except for a few toys for the kids and a train track running through it. i didn't recognize anyone there except for my one friend. Then the teachers came running into the building yelling at us to get on the bus as half of a bus build up on the train tracks. We ran to grab our backpack that just randomly appeared. Running behind the teachers were like meat creatures. One of them picked me up before i got on the bus and was about to eat me when i said dont eat me eat my friend so it put me down and i got on the bus and he went a grabbed my friend everyone made it on the bus except my friend at the bus pulled away from the building and i saw the meat creatures holding on to my friend.


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