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This dream takes place with real childhood

This dream takes place with real childhood friend. my parents are out of town. we are about 11 years old. my friend comes over to my house late nite we talked about doing this when came inside. We go to my room one at time my friend goes first he takes off all his clothes comes down steps covering himself with his hands I can see he has erection he comes over to sofa sits down watches television while I go upstairs take my clothes off we were both scared doing this but we did it any way. I come down steps I start to cover myself I get erection I get brave and walk uncovered I come down sit on sofa we both cover ourselves with our hands and watch television after several minutes we take our hands away sit uncovered we are both very excited over what is happening .We stand up look at each other naked we become fixed on each others bellybuttons and erections we start touch each other. after we are done we go down basement and play billiards naked. we run upstairs to my room to get to our clothes.

I keep dreaming of water near my

I keep dreaming of water near my feet, and last nights dream was no different. Except for the fact that I was in a car and was driving to fast and lost control of thecar. As the car was spinning it landed in a lake and water started surrounding the car. I began to panic cause I didn't know if I should use the buttons to roll the window down or punch the windo wout. I hit the button and the water started comig in and I was able to escape the car. As I began to swim off I ran into an alligator who tried to swim towards me. I escaped him only to run into a dragon monster and I woke up.

I was in my deceased grandmother home

I was in my deceased grandmother home with my husband and another couple we were going to get something to eat but on the way out my mother-in-law was sitting in the dining room sewing there was a black suit with white buttons on the back of a chair at the table with her we kept proceeding to the door and then my husband stopped and went in my grandmothers bedroom and got in the bed with my niece-in-law i then stated to him i thought we were going to eat and then i woke up

I was in my deceased grandmothers home

I was in my deceased grandmothers home with my husband and another couple. We were going to get something to eat but on the way out my husbands mother was sitting in the dining room sewing. there was a black suit with white buttons on the back of a chair at the table with her. We kept proceeding to the door and then my husband stopped and went in my grandmothers bedroom and got in the bed with his niece. I then stated to him, I thought we were going to eat and then I woke up.

We are in a dorm, all of

We are in a dorm, all of us are sleeping over. I spend the night with Erin as usual, her telling me she loves me, happy, enjoying our time. When I go into Neal's room I'm talking to this kid named Greg from college about Call of Duty and how his game is broken. He did a certain combinations of buttons to. Glitch the game into basically frying his hard drive. As I was telling him about it, I was pacing back and forth and when I got to the door, I look in and see Erin lying on the floor too close for comfort next to David, their faces close to each other joking and laughing away. I get distracted and forget what I'm talking about to Greg, then I look back again and she is slowly inching more and more into David's arms, him laying with his head in the east facing west propped up a little by pillows and blankets, erin slowly creeping her head on his chest, putting her hand there too, David's arm comes from behind and begins to hold her. I get upset and Laura Hohen can see that in Neal's room. She goes to the door, makes a weird face, then calls out David how he should not be pinching erin like that because she has a boyfriend. David comes into Neal's room saying No, ok... With his trying to hide a smile straight face. As soon as I see erin walk in I start yelling if a year and six months meant anything to her and she started crying, then I made a sarcastic comment back to her about how the crying of course came next and I stormed off to my room crying. Then as I walked in I heard say she was going to hit me with the pillow. She opened the door and I told her to hit me but look out for the light she might break it. I asked her why she can say she loves me and when I'm not there for 5 mins, she's basically saying the same thing to another guy (the whole time we are yelling, fighting) that's when I woke up.

My morning cough medicine induced Dream. I

My morning cough medicine induced Dream. I am off to go and buy something, i can not remember what, and Jerry asks me to return a microwave to Family Dollar. it right down the street so I say yes. I walk in to the Family Dollar and they are happy to take it back but they are out of cash and need the receipt. I reach in my pocket and pull out a ton of receipts but can't find the one I need. i reach back in my pocket and finally find it. the chatty salesgirl is processing the order and i am looking around the store. someone drops all of this money and i start picking it up for them but there is more and more money. i finally get it all and they leave but i end up with a dollar. the sales girl finally finishes the return and i am off as a different sales lady with big blonde hair and tight white pants is carrying the microwave to a storage shed behind the store and yelling something to me about the water hose. I am off on my errand to purchase what I can't remember and on the way back pass a small house where Karen Etter lives and I yell hello to her on the way past and she yells hello back. then suddenly I am walking through these very elaborate hallway following a guy and 2 girls. We suddenly come upon a large swimming pool where there is a Drag Aquacade going on with tons of drag queens in big hair and sequin bathing suits swimming and lip sinking in the pool. the show is being hosted by David Angerer who has his hair back and is sitting in a large green life guard chair i try to get his attention but he is to busy being fabulous. I continue through the crowd and back into the hallways following the guy and 2 girls we come to spot where we can go either right or left the cute guy goes left and I the girls go right I of course choose to follow the cute guy duh! we pass these doors looking into a ballroom decorated sumptuously with small fire pit centerpieces. I look down and I am now carrying my purchase and a couple of professional cameras. i finally get to the lobby where is see Chuck Scalise dressed n an elaborate Cheshire Cat costume and Brandon Schwabenbauer dressed in and elaborate Tweedledum costume they both have handsome escorts similarly dressed and tell me they are going to a ball. I tell them I saw the room and it looks amazing. I continue out of the hotel and walk to where I am staying and it's the Belagio I enter the hotel and make my way to the elevators, None of this looks like the real Belagio as I have only been there once. i get to the elevators and there are only 2. I am staying in room 738 so I have to get on the elevator on left. I enter a very rickety elevator with this girl who is fighting with her mother on her phone. the elevator does not meet the floor and you have to crawl in. we press the buttons and the elevator tries to lift but doesn't. then it starts to lean to my side, of course, so we both move to the middle. it still tries to lift and through a plastic panel on the front of the elevator a latin attendant is yelling at us trying to tell us what to do but we can't here her. My claustrophobia is starting to set in and I think I am going to lose it when I wake up.

We are what looks like John and

We are what looks like John and my old house. John isn’t there. It’s dark, there is always spiritual activity here. I have grown accustomed to hearing and feeling it, but I don’t enjoy it. I feel threatened here, and often that the spirits are trying to kill me. Katie and I are sleeping together in an unfamiliar kitchen, on a table. Pulses of energy start to transcend from the walls towards the other side of the house. She is scared, so I hold her hand and tell her that I have done this before, that I know what this is, and that I will keep her safe. There is a dishwasher underneath us that keeps shutting off. I have to manually press buttons until it goes again. This feels important to me. Katie asks me often what is happening, and why. She tries to blame the wind. I keep looking up at these slitted windowless cut-throughs at the top of the wall. They appear to be letting air in, but I know that's not why the house underneath us is shaking. We hold on, and I help her get through it. Cut to my Mom’s house. We are talking about the ghosts. I throw eggs on the floor, and so does she. All of them break open, and some of them are spoiled as they hit the floor. She cleans them up, but there is always still residue. I try to help clean it up better. We are sitting at some sort of Pep Assembly. Top Gear (Britain) host starts talking, donating money to an organization. He donates a particular amount, and then does a double take, acting like he is going to give them more. Instead, he jests about giving the second amount to “Jesus Christ.” Nick, my sisters and I all snort at this, I seem to be filming the event. We can hear murmurs of people agreeing, when someone gets my attention. An old school teacher who was religious speaks up and asks if we should have ‘the talk.’ I look down and tell her no. She sits back, and my Mom appears, telling me that she wishes I would let “Jesus Christ” into my life. I coldly disagree with her. Cut to her house. We continue to have the argument, and she claims she wants me closer, and that ‘god’ will make me stay close to her. I disagree, but don’t mention anything about agreeing to stay close. I tell her that John’s mom has a way of making him stay close to her.

I woke up at looked at my

I woke up at looked at my clock and it said 6 and I was like how can it be 6 if Nicole called me at 8? And then I looked at the microwave clock at it said 8:17 so I was like I guess I fell back asleep for a couple of minutes and then I got up and walked to the living room and a bunch of my family was there and like a dog came running through the house and then I was like wait am I asleep or awake and I turned on the tv and it was like blasting loud and the volume buttons weren't working and I tried to turn it off but that wasn't working either and I was like buttons never work in my dream and then all of a sudden it shut off and I picked up my phone and I was like phones never work in my dream either so I tried to call you and it worked and you sounded super weird on the phone you were like HEY KATIE I LOVE YOU it like a really high pitched voice and I was like Nicole why do you sounds weird and you were like I LOVE YOU I LOVEEEEE YOU and I was like this is important you need to tell me what time it is and you were like hey Katie!!!!! And then I got these super intense chills all over my body and my heart started beating really fast and my skin was tingling and I was like holy shit I must be awake and then I started screaming in the phone saying TELL ME OF IM AWAKE OR NOT but then I lost my voice and I couldn't scream and I hung up and walked out of my room and saw a glimpse of someone walking to the door and in my head I was like dont look but it was too late and I looked and there was this gross looking man just staring me down he was wearing a yellow sweater and he looked sad and lonely and it seemed like my mom knew him and like my stomach dropped and I felt sick and then all of a sudden I attacked him and I was on top of his body like ripping out his neck with my teeth and I could see his muscles and blood and stuff and then I like "woke up" and sat next to my grandma and told her I had one of those dreams again and she was like "I wonder if that's what bugs do like they crawl in your head at night and make you have those dreams" and I was like "maybe..." And then I woke up for real