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Well, My dream begun with me on

Well, My dream begun with me on a trampoline. I was jumping on it alone. It was dark, the area only lit by moonlight. And I was just so gifted at doing aerobatics. I got a sense of acomplishment, a sense of acceptance, a sense of being well liked. I was charsmatic, smart, and so talented in many things. It was a perfect life, it was a perfect society. I remember the last moments of my dream. My mom was pulling out to go to work. I stopped her (this is where I get confused) I can't remember what I told her, but I just remember watching her leave. I was standing there and it was as if I was in a movie because I begun looking at myself in 3 person. It was like I was standing in my dream analyzing and figuring out everything about it. Then it was like a camera panning out for a wider shot. I didn't see my actual self anymore, I just saw me in my own dream, I saw we were living in my old childhood house. That was the end of the dream.

I dreamt I took my shoes and

I dreamt I took my shoes and socks off before I entered a swimming pool area but lost my shoes and socks while looking for the changing room. I then found myself outside looking for my footwear and ended up in a room with 1 pound coins 2 pound coins in it which I started to take but realised that I was being watched by cctv. I removed to cctv camera and walk towards to door to exit but then noticed a chest of draws and opened to top draw where I found jewellery in clear cases which I put in my bag. Then I checked the bottom draw where I found a lot of money in brand new crisp 20 & 50 pound notes. I then put all the money in my bag and left the room and made my way back to trying to find the pool and my shoes and socks

Okay in my dream I was at

Okay in my dream I was at the beach with my family and there was this guy with a blimp and it fell to the ground but I caught it and I won a prize but then I don't really remember what happened but my aunts new husband wanted to kill me and so did my mom so we were in the beach house and they took something hard like a vase and hit me in the head. I saw my body dead, I was dead. But then I left my body and ran to this police officer that was guarding the beach and said " Please, you have to help me I have been killed please believe me. " and after looking at me like I was stupid she started walking toward the beach house. And I sat there for a minute then I walked to the road behind the beach where the actual front of the beach house was and there were tons of flashing cameras, people watching, and 2 or 3 ambulances. and cops cars everywhere. The door to the house was open and people where coming in and out and I saw my mom and she just gave me an evil smirk like she could still see me. Then my boyfriend saw me, and ran up to me and hugged me and told me it would be okay. And I cried so hard that I woke up from my dream crying.

I dreamed I was involved in the

I dreamed I was involved in the plot of a horror film. It involved a haunted house, or abandoned house, where I supposed awful things were to take place. I walked by what I looked to be this haunted building, only it has been transformed into a large department store. I think this is a neat trick, it will attract people whom it can submit to its horrors. I walk in and look around. Everything looks normal, but I am waiting for something to scare me. But, then, the thought occurs to me that this is a nightmare, and therefore I should face anything fearsome. This thought radically changes my outlook, and with an open and curious attitude I turn to the scenery, now floating along, looking for challenges and anything interesting. I note that some people are operating a video camera at one side of the room and the video screen is on the other side. I am intrigued by the idea of getting my own image displayed and orient myself in front of the camera, while looking at the screen. The idea becomes sexual and I wanted to display myself on the video screen. At first it was a struggle to get the screen to display anything other than my back from the waist up fully clothed. Eventually, I got the right zone on the display and begin to remove my jeans. I begin to experience sexual arousal which intensified quite rapidly and within five seconds, I had a wonderful orgasm, the first I'd experienced in two months. I awaken immediately afterward feeling satisfied.