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I dream I am either on a

I dream I am either on a boat or in water but its always a large body of water. Sometimes a stream and I’m moving along trying to get to the end, or sometimes it is quite deep, and I am in an underground water cavern. But I am always afraid and looking at the sharks swimming trying to not get bitten. Sometimes they are chasing me, sometimes I am hiding trying to get by unseen.

I dreamt that I was at my

I dreamt that I was at my girlfriends parents place but she wasnt home. Then one of her brothers called me and told me she moved overseas to teach, but then she walked into the room right after. Then we went to her room and she changed into other clothes in front of me, she was wearing matching pink underwear, after she changed we were going out, but her stepfather was acting weird but there was someone behind him with a knife, so I started chasing the guy. Next we are in the car and my girlfriend is driving but the check engine light was on.

A girl confessed her love to me

A girl confessed her love to me in the middle of the night and suddenly gone and I was chasing her but I never found her

I dream a man I was trying

I dream a man I was trying to get rid of he has two penis, first I try even to kill many many times he's not doing so I dicided to bring his dad tuw fuck him and againg it looks like the dad is the one having 2 penis and the man 2 vagina.after that he start chasings me while saying why did I make him that way to have 2 manhood.we run until I wake up from sleep.what is the meaning of this dream please

I was arguing with my dad, but

I was arguing with my dad, but he didn't seem to respond. Then I asked him to hand me a key, and when he did the key dropped and broke. Then some random guys carried a taxi cab that seemed to be his. I left him but he kept chasing me but I didn't listen to him then I was walking in a busy Alley eating ice cream then a little kid kept smiling at me and a random guy told me the ice cream tasted good