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My dream was weird and so unconnected.

My dream was weird and so unconnected. The first thing I recall in my dream was that I was walking through the streets, I wasn't alone though. There were other people. As I continued walking, the place started to look a lot familiar to me. It's the street near my university. I started talking to some people, and quite weirdly, I found myself back at the university. Then the scenery changed. I was now back at my high school and answering a test I didn't even know was about. The strange thing about this was the people who were answering the test with me. They were my college blockmates and they were hurriedly answering the test. The next thing I knew, they were all done and hurriedly passed it. I looked at my test paper and realized I wasn't even nearly done answering the test! Then the scene changed once again. I wasn't in the classroom anymore, I was out at the volleyball court in school and my teacher in high school was there. She was collecting the test papers. Moments after, a few of my high school batchmates rushed to me and gave me their papers. I passed them, including my own unfinished paper and then the dream changed again. But I realized in the end that there were papers that I didn't pass. The next part of my dream was an entirely weird scenery. I felt as if I were in this sort of ancient monastery or church. But, I wasn't me though, I was a guy. And I recall I hurriedly dashed for the steps, brushing off my other companions. The steps slowly formed into a spiral staircase made purely of stone. As I ran up the swirlng slight of stairs, I found myself in a gathering. I remember seeing all sorts of people in their habit and knights covered with steal armor. Then a fight began, and I didn't understand why. But people were being pushed to fall from the area that I just came from. I looked to the bottom of the steps, and it creeped me out how they looked endless. Each time a person was thrown out to fall, they seem to splash through and vanish. The next part is where my dream ended and I was already out of that creepy monastery-like place. It appeared to me as if I were in this kind of party and people were all dressed with odd costumes, some even opting to cosplay. The next thing I knew was that people were starting to leave and I was with this guy and I was, for some reason, aroused. So we sort of 'tried' to do it, but he refused to go any further and left me. I was still there on the ground and people were just walking by, not minding me at all like it was perfectly normal. Then came this really beautiful girl who hadn't much to wear. Quite suddenly, she started performing oral sex to me and the next thing I knew was that I climaxed. And that's where I woke up.

In this dream I start off talking

In this dream I start off talking to some friends in my living room at my house. We are all sitting around in chairs and chatting, but all the faces of my companions are blurred out, but I get the feeling that I know them all. My phone vibrates and I turn my attention too it. I look up and I’m in a car driving, and then I’m at a friends house. My friend comes outside and I hug and give them a kiss, then their parent/s? (It was one person but changed between the mother and father) came outside and began to yell at us for sneaking out, and then I woke up.

I was in an empty room with

I was in an empty room with three stranger, two boys and one girl, one of the boy had blue hair and a cool look while the girl had twintailed curly hair and an innocent expression; we had to escape together from the mansion. we walked toward a door and found ourself on a path with beautiful trees on the sides. we used a motorcicle that was parked near us to try and escape but suddenly one of the guys remembered that he lost some money in the previous room. The blue haired boy decide to go back and search for the money of the other guy despite the dangerous situation. I decided to go back as well and tried to drive the motorcicle without success. when we got back, the girl noticed a door that we hadn't seen before so she went toward the door with the boy who lost the money to explore, leaving the searching to the blue haired boy and me. We found two pair of ten euro on the floor and I took them to give them back to the boy who lost them. I went to the other room. On the floor, covered in her blood was the twintailed girl, dead, while the boy that lost the twenty euro stood there, a knife in his hand. he looked at me, a twisted grin on his face. he grabbed my t-shirt and pushed me on the floor than he walked in the previous room and locked the door. I tried to open it without any success; the blue haired boy was in danger with that Killer. Suddenly I heard a mechanic rumor and a little girl's voice:"Where are you?" she singed. Sensing danger, I walked toward every door I found but each of them was closed. finally I found myself at the end of the corridor, there were two doors, one in front of me and one on my right:"I'm coming" the girl said. Scared I pulled the door in front of me open and found myself in a room filled with strange looking people. one woman who was seated on a trone looked at me and decided that if i could win three trials, i could continue my escape even without companion. I found myself duelling with a plastic weapon against a girl and I won. in the second trial I found myself challenging in a music contest a small child with familiar features. the child played a familiar avventurous song, he was really good at it, I had little to no chance to win. In that instant the blue haired guy and the Killer entered the room. "You!" I screamed running toward them to punch the killer. the woman on the trone made me stop with a commanding look.

my dead husband kissed me in my

my dead husband kissed me in my lips. He was looking for some documents, i told him we don't have our marriage contract anymore. My dead husband answered, that's good! He was walking with other 3 men, unnoticed, I was following him I told his companion, o that man has already a wife and daughter, but he chosed his first love girl. and his companion answered, yes, and she is in your back, the girl appeared in front of me. I told her my husband denied that you have a relationship before.... My husband seems to go to abroad. and the girl of him helps him financially. that's the end of my dream. pls .help me interpret.....thanks