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Alright, so for some reason... Me and

Alright, so for some reason... Me and a bunch of people were in Saturday school. And it was interesting because we went through the school day like any other normal day. Anyway, so the first thing I remember is leaving 1st hour and seeing Camden and Abbey walk in together. Then, I was suddenly in 2nd hour and we were playing with boats and I got all wet... So the scene switched or whatever and suddenly I'm upstairs, rushing to third hour, trying to get downstairs even though my 2nd hour is downstairs and my first hour is upstairs. So, me and like 4 other people rushing downstairs and everytime someome dropped something (which seemed to be a lot), we all went into like this lunging formation. Then, we start to hear footsteps and this girl is just like: "It's comimg from the right side of the staircase, that means she likes math." So, the girl goes by and the she's like going up the stairs with crutches and somehow not failing or falling. After that, we finally make it to the lunch room and all the tables are packed together really tight. And I'm standing next to Jacob and Kyra is across from him and she whispers something to me and I call her an impatient bitch and she all looks taken back, so I say sorry xD. Anyway, so I sit next to Jacob and I ask everyone why they're here and Jacob says he got a D in Science and I think I said I got a D in English. So, I go to ask Kyra and I'm all like, "Where's Kyra?" when I'm staring straight at her. Camden then randomly screams out, "CODY PUT LEMOMADE IN YOUR TEA, KYRA." So Kyra stands up and starts screaming, "WHIRLPOOL. WHIRLPOOL." and nobody looks so she slowly sits down..

I was sitting in a stone cylinder,

I was sitting in a stone cylinder, with a vat of acid sludge, or some sort of biological weapon above me. I was wearing a white jumpsuit with gold down the sides, and I had obviously just fought my way in. I was just waiting for the vat to be poured on me, and I wanted it to, but I knew thy were going to stop it, even as it started to be poured. I could see it tipping and wondered where the "guns" were to stop it. Finally the vat stopped and was put back, and I stood to wait for my release, thinking that it was great for them to stop it, but horrible for me because I wanted to die. I went to a training center where I was fighting really hard (killing people), and then went into the hallway. In the hallway, scissors used for torture fell down the stairs. A man came out and grabbed them, looked at me then ran away, saying "It wouldn't happen again." I was back home, and I came up the stairs, where I guess I was staying with some friends, or distant family. My friend Trevor was there, and I flirted with him a lot, even though he was in some sort of relationship. There was a little kid, about 8, sitting at the table and a woman was sitting near him (Trevor's partner) quizzing him on something. I told them that there was no point in quizzing him because it was a nice day and why on Earth would you need to know capitals? I It was Christmas morning so there were presents to be opened. Before that though, breakfast was still needed. A man with a goatee came down the stairs on crutches, and Trevor's partner told him that he needed to eat something because he hadn't eaten anything. I asked him if he wanted something, assuming he would say no like he had to everyone else, but he said that he wanted some good eggs. Trevor complained that I was already in charge, so I responded with the fact that I'm awesome. There was already coffee brewing, so I grabbed some and another mug for the man on crutches. The whole dream, I felt loathing for myself and slight happiness when with Trevor. I was extremely capable, and very dangerous. I don't know if I was on the good side or the bad, but that I was hoping to die.