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Jingim from the Marco Polo show was

Jingim from the Marco Polo show was outside of the bedroom window staring inside. I decided to close the window once I noticed. Marco (my boyfriend) was explaining something to me, when I noticed a curtain rod piercing through the top crack of my bedroom door. When I opened the door, a white bald man was standing there timid and two of his accomplices ran away. I asked what he wanted and he came inside my room, walked right in front of me, looked me in the eye and said he wanted to rob me. I freaked out and asked why he would want to rob someone with nothing. He shamefully looked down without a word.

Had a dream about my grandfather (who

Had a dream about my grandfather (who is dead) was in the hospital. My uncle (his youngest son) was there laid back in the recliner. I was talking to someone about how they take people to the wrong hospitals and the family have to turn around and ask them to take them somewhere else. So when I got to the hospital the doctor was in the room with him with the curtains closed. They told me to wait for a moment. So when I finally got to come in I saw a man on the bed but that was not my grandfather.