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I dreamed of a mad house, my

I dreamed of a mad house, my crush was crawling on the floor, happy to see me, people were dying in my class, toes were moving, there were flowers and I wasn't scared. Something abotu a lower intestine, and my crush survived every episode but he couln't walk..

I was back in my home town

I was back in my home town and I was driving my grandmother and aunt who are BOTH deceased around in a car. Kinda like that weird Sopranos episode. Also, earlier that day my cousin who has turned his back on our family years ago was at the house where we all gathered for a family function, just like he use to when he was a part of the family. And he looked like he looked when he was a part of the family, which is a different than what he looks like now. This dream was VERY vivid and it felt so real. Usually I can tell when I'm dreaming. Not this time. My family is very close knit and we usually get together for the holidays and that's what this one day with my aunt, grandmother and cousin felt like.

I was watching a saas bahu aur

I was watching a saas bahu aur saazish episode in my dream.they were showing uttaran.all the story moved to atisgar.there is some celebration.meethi is in a wedding look.all the other characters r also there.like ichcha,veer,taapasya,rather,Thakur family,bundela family,mukta,Vishnu,akash family and most specially aman and yuvraj.omg….. Everyone is very happy.aman is as usual with his cute smile.but yuraj!!!!!!!!!i mean saurabh……omg cant tell u,what a look he had…….he was in a green or blue (cant remember) party wear coat….and have a vary little beard…and his hair is like shah rukh khan in don 2(yuvi avi avi jail se aaya hai na)….mujhe nehi pata tha that our cute guy srj can look so so so so so so so so dashing and handsome in this bold look. Then I saw some yuthi scenes also may be.sbs mein itna hi dekhneko mila in my dream.and my dream continued.i saw then I came to this forum and post a new post "yuvi is back"…..bas this time my mamma came and told me wake up and my dream breaks…… U know guys I dream about srj 4 the last 5 days may be……. Log kahete hai ki morning wala dream sach hota hai.i watched this dream on 9 am.ye kiya sach hoga?hoga to kab hoga?when will I get my srj back to uttaran as yuvi?when!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????

I was on stage and spiders, huge

I was on stage and spiders, huge spiders, were crawling onto the stage and spindling down from the ceiling. my ex boyfriend was hugging and kissing me in the changing rooms and my current boyfriend gave me a sandwich full of maggots and little beasties. i was in an abandoned castle,much like one you would see in an episode of scooby doo, and had to escape as a wolf was chasingme and trying to kill me. the dream ended with me dying after being in a huge battle against the beast - i was alone in death and no one ever found my body.