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I was in a fun house with

I was in a fun house with a famous clown who appeared on Britain's got talent. I was with my best friend and was messing around with the clown. He disappeared and so did my best friend. I climbed up some stairs and found two of my other friends on the roof with a massive inflatable slide leading of it to the ground (at least 300ft drop). I remembered doing this slide when younger loads of times but it seemed steeper now. One of my friends was terrified but my other was cool with it. I said I would go first to show that nothing was wrong. The first drop on the slide was really steep but I wanted to go fast so pushed of really hard. I went soaring though the sky and missed the slide and fell to the ground. I landed on the grass but survived.

I was reading a book about an

I was reading a book about an infamous man who was untouchable and unstoppable. He was still around today and was gaining power through his gangs. The only thing that gave people hope was the fact that he wore an eye patch, which showed everyone that somehow he got hurt and has weakness. I was suddenly back in time in a small cafeteria in a room of a church hall with teenagers my age. The evil man came in, my age, with two gang members with him. He ordered us all to bow to him or face him. Everyone screamed and scattered. Chaos ensued. I hid behind a flipped table and started throwing anything I could reach at him while screaming at him. I threw a small bouncy ball and it hit him hard in the eye, causing his eye to pop out and be replaced by the ball. I started gagging but everyone else was cheering that someone stood up to him.

Hi! I feel a bit ashamed to

Hi! I feel a bit ashamed to express what I'm about to say lol So please don't judge me too harshly for it if you think it's stupid or superfluous. But I had a dream and it feels important to me to understand it's meaning. Also a warning, there is erotism in my dream. Before I tell you about the dream you have to know some things. There is a celebrity that I have a HUGE crush on in real life. He's a very famous singer that lives in an other country than mine. And I decided that I will try to meet I'm someday. My plan is to try to become rich and eventually pay to have the chance to spend a day or two with him. In hope that maybe during that time I will have the chance to seduce him. I know that my chances of becoming rich, of meeting him and of seducing him are extremely slim but I want to try anyway. I'm aware that even if I succeed I will probably not have the chance to be in a real relationship with him. But I've never been attracted before to a man as much as I am to him. So I would be glad even if I would only have the chance to meet him or to have sex with him once. But dont worry, I would try to meet him respectfuly, I dont want to stalk him or anything. An other thing that you should know maybe is that he is 10 years younger than me. He's of legal age though lol So now that you know those things, here's the dream that I had : In my dream somehow me and him were friends apparently. We were walking outside together and we saw a woman embarking on a bus. He than told me that he felt very attracted to her, but he was too shy to go talk to her. As a friend I tried to convince him that he should have the courage to go for it and flirt with her, but at the same time I was hurting inside because of my feelings for him. He was considering it and he was about to go to that woman when suddenly I couldn't control my feelings anymore and I was scared of losing him...I came closer to him and I suddenly kissed him. At my surprise he didn't pushed me back, in fact he kissed me back. We were kissing very passionately while huging and caressing each other. It was very passionate and it was starting to become more and more sexual. He even tried to masturbate me with his fingers. I think that he asked me if I liked it, but the fact was that he wasn't truly reaching my vagina, he was only caressing my pubis. I wanted to tell him that his hand wasn't low enough but I was to shy to tell him. So I was disapointed that I couldn't feel that pleasure. But most of all even though I was feeling ecstatic because we were kissing and evrything, I was also feeling very sad because I was thinking about the fact that he was in fact attracted by the other woman. I was feeling deeply in love with him and vulnerable and I wanted to ask him if I could be enough for him. I was about to ask him but than I woke up. I know that you probably think that it's a stupid concern, but it's really important to me. On one hand I feel glad that I had a dream that dream where I was making out with him, but on the other hand I can't shake the sad feeling that he was maybe in fact in love with the other woman even though somehow he was receptive to my advances. I really dont know what to think of this dream, what it could mean for me. So I hope someone can help me intrepret it. Thank you a lot in advance for your help.