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I was walking to work and I

I was walking to work and I said I'm tired I don't want to be here today I stopped and kneeled down on one knee like I was praying hold my face in my hand looking down and all of a sudden someone came in the back of me put there hands in the back of my head and started praying for me it was a mans voice all I could see was a mist nothing else and then it was like they were picking me up form the back and I felt like I was floating they were trying to lay me down to finish praying I felt like I was floating then the doorbell ranged and I had to get up to answer the door so I don't know what else that would have taken place....

I dreamt I was in a big

I dreamt I was in a big water reserve and I was with some friends floating. At first I could touch the bottom but then my friend told my to go nearer where she was and the water was deep. We went so far until I got scared of big fish trying to eat me so we went back where there were slot of people and asked them to take us on a boat. An old man agreed but his boat was little and he had a cage on it with a dummy. I jumped into the water to get on his boat and there was a dead body right next to me. I screamed and it happened to be the old mans brother. The old mans son was trying to convince us that his dad was safe but we didn’t believe him.

i was in a home that i

i was in a home that i was not familiar with i kept going in and out of conscious i seen a girl not sure if she was causing harm to me or mad or helping but i fell to the ground and faded out. when i woke up i seen a cage with miniature cats or kittens then i got up walked to the door of a room then turned around and went into a kitchen when i turned around it was like i was floating my way around and i seemed happy then i got knocked to the ground somehow on my way to drink water

I was outside a building and my

I was outside a building and my friend from high school was there and I saw her baby boy who was splashed with filthy water from on top of the building by some stranger. I go over to the baby boy and pick him up and take him to a baby changing stand to clean the baby up. I ask for water from my friend to help clean her baby, and she comes back with yellow tinted water. I use the water, pouring it over the child and not only did the mess over the baby boy wash away but his physical appearance change where his hair turned blond and his dark eyes change to bright blue ones. I ask for better water and my friend goes and brings back clear water but this time inside the water there are bugs floating inside. I tilt the best I can to give the baby something to drink without the bugs going into his mouth.