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I was going on a school trip

I was going on a school trip with all any out of school fiends and my mum was also there, I got on the bus and my family friend was there and I thought his hot brother was sitting behind him and there was a free seat next to him so I sat down but it turned out to be Heath Taylor, who is very annoying but funny so I was stuck on a 2 hour bus ride with heath. When we go to our destination there were 4 different islands. One had the hotel/resort on it then one was an island made fully out of obsidian that Chloe was old because she could turn everything to lava and she would flood the hotel with lava. The second island had a volcano next to it and it was full of plants but very swampy because Amirah could flood the hotel with water and create water out of thin air. The third island was mostly dirt but it was very close to the volcano on Amirah’s island so they were basically connected, this island was for Lena and she had powers of earth and could used wind to remove shards of rock from the volcano and use them as knifes. There were different periods of time where the hotel would either be flooded with water or lava or there would be rock spears flying around the air. I got bored of being in my room so I went outside to the roof of the hotel above the pool, I looked out on the different island as there were different boats full of my friends going to visit the islands, there was one teacher form my school, Miss Hoffman who was a relief teacher for my class in year 4. I was not supposed to be out on the roof so I hid in an air vent until she walked away. I crawled thought he air vent until I ended up in a massive room that was much nicer than mine and it had 2 king sized beds a massive tv and a whole living area, suddenly Erin came in and even though we are really good friends in real life, in this dream she was like a celebrity so I quickly sprinted out of her room before she saw me. When I was running through the hallway someone stopped me and told me my mum was crying because she couldn’t find me anywhere I quickly went to my mums hotel room and found her crying in the shower as she called the hotel staff to keep a look out for me.

So I dreamed that I was getting

So I dreamed that I was getting ready to go to a party, for some reason I even "packed" for it and left home. When I got there, I heard that many people had left and when I went upstairs, the whole floor was glowing red. 6-7 elderly men were sitting right by the stairs, they looked dark and were drinking. When I passed by, there was a huge mattress on the floor behind them, and a dozen people were lying on it. I stood next to them and looked at them and suddenly my boyfriend appeared who was lying on the mattress all the time, he was covered for a short time but I saw that he was naked together with all the people who were lying there. I recognized the girl he was with and started to argue with the boy, but he didn't seem to care, he didn't care. Crying, I started to pack and leave that place. When I got out, I was relieved, I started to go back to some small "island" surrounded by a lake, I associate it with my cottage on the lake that I have. When I swam across the water and climbed to the island, I saw 5 "guards" walking around it and it was much easier for me, I felt like I knew that they were watching over me and waiting for me to come back. Then I threw all those things I was carrying, that "burden" on the ground because I knew I was safe together with those bags I was carrying. As soon as I threw that load on the ground, I suddenly flew towards "my" house, which was not far from there. In the end, I tried to enter the house through the window on the second floor, which was open, but its blinds were too low, so I entered the terrace door, which was also open, but the blinds were raised higher, all this while I was flying .... When I woke up, I thought about that dream, how I felt safe, confident and happy when I left my boyfriend and came to my "home", which looked like a fantasy, along with the island it was on.

My husband dreamt that him, I and

My husband dreamt that him, I and my brother Amr were in a big moving truck and they have have something valuable that is white and shines and they are very scared about it from the devil. Then the devil came flying while we were on the truck and my husband found him on his face then held him with his hand and threw him to the floor. Then the devil flew to the sky and my husband turned into an angle with white wings and my husband flew off behind him, held him by then neck and threw him on the ground. Then my husband found himself on the ground and me and my brother Amr were in the truck while it was going. My husband found another truck in order to come after us and we were going to my father's place and my husband said that if I am in my father's place then he will come and if not, he will bring the king.

I had a very unusual dream. This

I had a very unusual dream. This couples old house had become a place where kids thought it was funny to go and see if the tales they had heard were true. They would go and have sex at this house and a mans ghost would appear very angry and kill the guys. In my dream I was there but not in it I was just watching my dream it seemed. When the ghost appeared his face looked sad at first then when he realized what the kids were doing his face became very angry and he would start flying around really fast and messing stuff up and then he would kill the boys but never the girls. In my dream it was almost as if he could see me and wanted me to make them stop having sex in his home. I have never had a dream like this so I am just curious what it could possibly mean. I was not scared in my dream but sad and anxious like I needed to do something to help the ghost.