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I was in an abandoned run down

I was in an abandoned run down strip mall at night. I was with two other people, they were both young adults, a young man and a young woman. At time I would see myself in the third person, I looked like a vital old man with a strong nose and a head of silver hair. (Though In reality I am 20 years old) We walked into the bowels of the mall and could here the sounds and voices of the city fading behind us. We walked to the end of the corridor and felt an evil presence. Down an escalator at the end of another short corridor was a pile of garbage. in front of it were two dead bodies and a man tall and muscular with a crew cut and pitiless sandy eyes. "What in the name of Christ is going on" I shouted as I ran down the stairs towards him. He acknowledges me with a casual nod and grins. (What he says next is lost to my memory but I remember a chilling fear as a result of his words) Immediately I turned to my companions, I am between them and the killer. "Go get help" A bright light is on their faces yet concealing their eyes in shadow. The girl is two paces from me and the boy a pace behind her. She smile first, a little reluctantly I shift my gaze to the boy and he meets my gaze with a relieved smile. And in a moment they are gone. I turn back to the killer (He says something else that I can not recall) This time his words have no sway. He jogs over to a door in the wall, with a remorseless grin he beckons me to follow. Through the door I got into a small dusty room. The room is small and very dusty filled with metal objects and two metal workbenches in the center. The killer speaks one last time and moves close with his hands outstretched to choke me I assume. I grab his arm and using his momentum throw him down onto the ground. He gets up and continues to assault me. Soon it escalates and he grabs a metal blade. I move in close and disarm him hoping to hold him in check until help arrives. Unfortunately he slips away and now he is slashing and throwing anything sharp he can find at me. I manage to evade him and finally my compassion gives way. I take a long 10 inch blade and drive it down to the grip in his collar bone. He looks at it a moment with disapproval and continues to assault me. Now I am desperate and anything sharp I can find, I plunge into his body. Finally I find a small piece of sheet metal with a tapered edge and drive it into a long wound across his chest where his heart should of been. I throw him over my shoulder and he smashes into the wall and lies crumpled on the ground, a bloody mess. Tears well in my eyes "Why do you live like this aren't you in pain?!" He answers laboring "The pain is great..." Suddenly there is a bubbling sound he pushes himself off the floor and walks slowly toward me. All the metal in him is receding, disappearing into his body until there is no sign of conflict at all. He stands in front of me, puts his arms firmly, almost tenderly on my shoulders "...That is what I want for us" I am shocked no words come to me. He walks me to the door "Wait I have something to show you" He walks around a corner and brings a white towel over to me "look" he says He opens the towel a little bit and I stoop down to see what it is. A can of cat food half opened. light glints off the sharp edges of the lid "Its just cat food I promise" he mumbles as he walks into the shadows of the room. My heart skips a beat and I walk slowly out the door and start down the hall" I take two steps and my heart skips again as I hear from behind me the sound of the metal lid being pulled back from the can.

(In my dream) I came into my

(In my dream) I came into my room and i saw a quiet Chucky doll in my room. I immediately took it outside and threw it in the garbage. I went back into my room and the chucky doll was back where it was and i went to throw it away only to find it back in my room in the same place. I started cryijg telling my mom about this i felt like it was real and i felt crazy (still in my dream). i go to a grocery store to stop thinking about the doll and i start to see people who look like him and a lot of red everywhere and much more dolls. it was following me everywhere. (end) It was very random to dream about chucky when i hadnt thought about him in a very long time.

The man i like noticed me at

The man i like noticed me at the temple and looked nicer and kinder than in real life.He smiled at me. Later he went to the kitchen and was eating a banana. I was outside the kitchen eating a mango which then turned out to be a rotten banana and I threw it in the garbage.

Looks wonderful. They are yet to truly

Looks wonderful. They are yet to truly performed their particular focus on this one and made style a priority. It does not take very first time I really could truly see by myself using Microsoft windows once again. Android os, on the other-hand is really a clusterf*ck of garbage. doudoune moncler pas cher

I had so many bad dreams tonight.

I had so many bad dreams tonight. The first one: I took my step daughter Emily and my baby son (around 8m old and I don't have kids) to the prospect park to the ice skating rink. Emily went for Ice skating lesson and I was caring the baby. We were waiting for Mitch and far away I saw him with a woman in The forest ... I open A glass door and I went to them he hug her and kiss her like a goodbye. When I Got to them he said to me WHAT?. They looked at me and my Baby with bad eyes. Like I was the servant like garbage. She was tall hair in a puny tail, wearing jeans and a black blouse. Then one of my sister in law came to us and she said to me ... Don't worry I will fix it, and she took Mitch with her. He was like in other world. The second one I was trapped in a room with low windows and outside there was a big vulture. It was like a fabric and the culture was trying to catch and eat a little beautiful owl. The owl went outside and so many animals were trying to attack him I saw the little owl trying to fly and same his life and I was calling him to fly where I was because I feel could help him to heal and protect him. The thirds one I was in the house where I was raised and it was a woman spirit trapped in a room ( black short hair wearing a red top and jeans ) the room was my brother room ... A black witch woman did poison Mitch. I was trying to look for him and trying to take him away from her. This woman had so many kids and the room they all where living together was a mess smelly disgusting garbage place and the spirit inside sad scare of the witch woman. It was a BBQ and I was looking for Mitch and I couldn't find him. Mid while I saw my old friends from church and my Sisters. My Old friend fed me with meat. After that I told to one of my Sister about what happened to Mitch . She gave me a key to open The door of the dirty room. I went there, I opened the door and I took the spirit out... It was crazy one laughing and turning evil then crying and then sad. I heard Mitch and the woman and all the kids came Back and I returned the spirit back. I saw Mitch wearing a bandage around his head and A neck protection and more bandages he Was like zombie I followed him to a basement dark just lighting with candles and my sister was there and all my brothers (4 of them the men ones) and my sister said to me that I couldn't stay. She said they will bring him back to me. They were about to Do and exorcism ... Then I woke up. Mitch is my couple. We live together.

I looked down at my feet and

I looked down at my feet and it looked like a feather was under my right big toe nail I bent down to pull it and it turned into a large garbage bag which I started pulling out this made me feel sick in my stomach then I looked down at my left toe nail and there was another feather whcih I pulled and the same thing happenned

I dreamed I ran in a large

I dreamed I ran in a large building and ran as fast as I could to get away from a gigantic dragon who was going to kill me. I was waiting for the one I love to save me. I encountered two other women on the journey down the house and it felt like the house was never ending with so many corridors and passageways. the last place we could go was a manual wheeled passageway that leads straight down like a garbageshoot