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Dreamy my mom was in our backyard

Dreamy my mom was in our backyard hanging clothes to dry. I walked over started talking to her, we were gossiping about things that has been going on in the neighborhood. I couldn't hear very well but she was telling me that a really light skin girl that lives a couple doors away from us got pregnant but she had an abortion. I didn't hear the pregnant part so she turned to the side and showed me her pregnant belly. I didn't know nor realized she was pregnant herself. Anyway, she was telling me this in a hushed voice cause if she spoke too loud the authorities would come and arrest the girl. While in the yard my neighbor came to our yard and put some kind of canister on top of my roof I was about to get mad when mom told me we use hers why shouldn't she use ours. I looked up into my house and saw everybody in the kitchen laughing, eating, and drinking basically having breakfast. Then I heard a commotion, seems the light skin girl had been in my house too at that time. Somehow the authorities found out what she did they came & arrested her. I still couldn't see her face & still didn't know who she was. I woke up after that