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I dreamed that I was going in

I dreamed that I was going in the street where used to live a girl who recently married. There was a new house which was not built until the end. We went in (I don't remember who was with me). Then I realized that was house of my best girlfriends father in law. On the second floor were three bads: first was for my best friend, second for my ex, and the last one was for the guy I like now but we are not in contact. Then I remember we hangout (me and the the guy I like). I felt that it was the best time in my life. On the end, I had to go and we made some plans which I don't remember.

Mcat and I were decorating her room

Mcat and I were decorating her room because she was going to live with Alex Powell. We went to a giant basketball court to hangout when some random tall guy came up to us and gave Mcat and infant. She started freaking out and the baby started to fall so I picked him up. I soon realized he was a life size person with no bones. I felt bad for him so I started to carry him around to prove I didn't think he was gross. Then, we all noticed in the corner of the basketball court that there were these three dolls with light blue eyes positioned like they were playing a deck of cards. We all started freaking out because it looked creepy. Suddenly, one of them peeked over the others shoulder at the boy I was carrying. It was a short, sudden movement. We all got extremely scared, and then the lights went out. The boy I was carrying was apparently a doll too because he started yelling in the direction of the three dolls and screaming, "NO. You stay there!" The last thing i remember seeing is a light blue eye peeking out of a closet door

My girlfriend and I were at a

My girlfriend and I were at a gathering with a couple of people from my school and she was sitting next to one of our good friends and she ended up kissing them on the lips. I glanced over and I didn't know how to react to it. Afterwards, she would hangout with me like it wasn't a big deal and I just pushed her away. Afterwards, I was at school with my dance class and a guy that I've liked for quite awhile that I have given up on came into the bathroom stall with me and kissed me. Telling me that he had to choose between two people. And I walked out, not knowing what to say. Thinking that my girlfriend doesn't deserve this.