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At home with all immediate family and

At home with all immediate family and grandpa. I am in the backyard when I see a suspicious man coming near me so I run around the house and the man follows with a gun. We end up inside my house and I take the gun away and fire it until it's out of bullets. Then I go to a school graduation where my friends mom want to take a picture of us but she ends up getting angry and the picture is not taken. I then ask my sister to tell one of my grinds not to leave before I tell him goodbye. She mid understands the message and we rush to catch up wit him since he has already left. We run in the sidewalk and he is across the street. The street then turns into a very forceful river which I cannot cross. We chase them up to an abandoned house but we only fiends two boys not my friend. The house is dark and musty and by this point I am covered in black green and red from the chase. Two policemen come to arrest us but the are very stupid and we trick them.