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Walking toward dorm building. There's a crowd

Walking toward dorm building. There's a crowd outside. I walk up to the crowd and notice it's dark inside. I ask a girl outside what's going on, and she says that some upgrade/new part of the building they're constructing has caused the power to go out somehow. I remark how "shit like this happens all the time here" or something like that. There's no one inside except one girl sitting on the couch, studying. Later on, I'm in a room on the ground floor, sitting on the bed. There's a girl outside playing guitar, who later moves just barely into my room, still playing the guitar. I'm impressed with her playing. Then she's sitting on the bed with me, still playing guitar. She says she's playing "Greek guitar" or something like that, and lists other styles she also plays.

Well, it started off in my kitchen.

Well, it started off in my kitchen. I asked my butler Chef Pee Pee to make me some waffles. Later, I was at a theater with a greek mythology. My best friend from India Sunil was Perseus. Pepper Clark was princess Andromeda. Madame pom was Medusa. Sharukh was Poseidon

Dream: i was standing as a first

Dream: i was standing as a first person looking out but not able to see my body s see a large foot like looking at a giant facing the toes and the foot had a sandel like the old rome or greek exposed foot and the base of sandel then i saw the bottom of a robe and it had a line around the edge i not sure if it was big i was just looking then i saw a head the face and as i was looking the face came past me close i think it was the left eye came close to me moving right to left the eye was awsome can not forget it if i seen it again then in the distance the face stop and open the mouth and like light or lava coming out like a large beem not at me beem came out to left then i saw the right quarter lower mouth of another im sure it was mouth and a slight mustach loking like it was like a beard like you see in an religouse icon closed mouth

In my dream, I was in a

In my dream, I was in a opened pavilion, wooden structure that was filled with beautiful people. The women were dressed like Greek goddesses. They were welcoming and even made me feel as if I was unique in special quality beauty. They were speaking to each other and casting admiring looks toward me. I sensed there were men around, but no faces or forms. I sensed I was at a place that was just western outskirts of my home town. A man entered and I recognized him to be my real life lover. He was wearing a covering around his waist made of a cloth and sandals, that looked to be Roman like. I remember studying his shoes and how the laces tied around his lower calves. In my dream, I didn't know him to be my lover, but as a very handsome man that entered the pavilion. All the women were looking at him and sending him pleasant smiles, yet he walked over to me and took my hand. I felt like a stranger to him, yet very receptive to his unspoken request that I go with him. He led me out of the building to the yard in the back. The sun was quickly setting. He had me to sit... which now seemed like the back of the bed of a truck covered in burlap and hay. Perhaps it was a wooden wagon, I am not for sure. He never spoke, but I was felt so completely elated that he chose me above all the other women to cast his attention. He stood next to the bed, where I was sitting and then he looked up to the heavens which were now very dark. The sky was completely covered in brilliant, sparkling stars. I marveled at how brightly they shown. He reached up with his hand and swirled the stars around in a circular motion, causing them to fall from the sky. They fell directly on top of me, showering me with real diamonds, collecting in my hair and my lap. My hands were cupped to catch them as I smiled and squealed in delight. I looked up to thank him and he was no longer there. I suddenly felt saddened. Appreciative that I would mean so much to him that he would pick me, yet not understanding his departure nor if I would see him again. I reviewed his swirling of the stars many times in my mind, and how he gave them to me.

I had a really weird dream that

I had a really weird dream that left me feeling unhappy. Try my best to describe for interpretation. Can't say if it was in the past or future, due Tao how people were dressed, clothing etc, it was happening at the present time but some peoples clothing where from roman times and some dressed Greek mythology, whilst others in swimwear. I could not see myself their in person but was observing at first what was going on which was happening to people I did not know. A fellow was trying to chat a girl up on a sectioned part on the beach but she was not interested as preferred someone else. It was a warm glowing day. The lad wAs sitting outside a squared area on the beach where after the girl refused he advances the ground/sand opened and he became sucked in ands wallowed him up, then as the girl went to move away from the area although she was not afraid of the man the same happened to her for no apparent reason. Nothing bad happened between them for this to happen. Next I was on a triple decker coach where it was decided I leave the place which I think was an island, that went into destruction via a swirled over water which was either an ocean or sea,land was around it, as you get a bowl of water and swirl it around the water became higher in some places and lower in others this was how I can describe the image of this, but I knew in my mind lives were going to be wiped out. I was on the coach and helping people mainly 3 babies reach the top of the bus, I had to get the third baby to safety. The bus was on a road that was going up and around the mountain, and what was going on in the island was getting further away from me with with swirls of water becoming deeper and drained in parts, as the higher we goat on the mountain the more we was achieving safety. Then I woke up and felt really sad that something bad was going to happen and I may not see my two boys again or be able to protect them from something happening and felt the strong need to be with them to all be together when we pass but they both live in different places to each other and us their parents. ?? What is the meaning of this?

Hi I had this dream, if anyone

Hi I had this dream, if anyone can help me piece it together that would be great. I thought it was pretty interesting but I don't know if it is good or bad. So I was at my old University and I went to go see a play by Aeschylus, the Greek tragedian. There wa this huge amphitheater on my campus like the real Greek ruins in Greece (not really a part of my school's campus). I was with a friend, a very brainy now-PhD candidate and we were heading towards our seats but she said no, your ticket is BBB you sit over there. So I take my ticket in seat BBB and go to try to find my seat. I look everywhere and can't find it. Meanwhile I see that my friend is in the front row. I look all over to the point where I accidentally walk across stage. I realize my blunder and sheepishly walk off, some of the actors back stage were laughing at me. So I slink into this empty seat in section "I" seat "17". It's a little higher than the other seats but I think, oh this suits me. So I sit but I realize that I can hardly see the play when it starts, If anyone has any guesses as to what it means I'd appreciate the help. I just thought it was so weird that I remembered the numbers so clearly.

In my dream. I saw a lady

In my dream. I saw a lady (An Angel to my own understanding) standing on the cloud. The cloud was closer to me and she deep her hand inside the cloud and dropped a coconut for me. I picked the coconut ran out looking for who to share the event that just occurred with. Why i was standing a man touched my shoulder telling me to call him. That i haven't called him the way i should, while i was questioning who he is. He ascended into the sky, forming a cloud that transformed into a language/writing of some sort (Hebrew/Greek) not sure. While i was pondering on the meaning the writing translated into english. And it says 'Call Me, I AM GOD'. This remained in the sky until i woke up from my sleep.

I see my grandfather's house in greece,

I see my grandfather's house in greece, he has died, merged into my pennsylvania house as one. I see shoes and my favorite cologne in greek house. then at airport, going through security gates, I see Carrie with family, when women next to me with red skin, touches my left cheek and my face cracks like a crab.