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I'm in a new apartment standing at

I'm in a new apartment standing at the kitchen island. My fiance is eating, and I'm staring out the window with brick wall. An unknown girl who makes no effort to hide herself comes in through the window and steals a bag from the chair. My fiance is unfazed by this, and I go out the window. I end up on a roof and the girl appears around the corner with a knife saying she wants to kill me. I try grabbing the knife and we both have a grip on it. She takes one of her hands and presses it on the blade while laughing. I ask what she was doing. And four figures with no face appear. I mention what they want is at my workplace. One of the four lets me use their phone to call a taxi and the dream ends with a taxi showing up. The second part of the dream has me sitting in a car and the same girl comes out of the building, peering into the car windows. She comes over to the driver side, I don't look back but I can see in the reflection that they're upset.

im in a house and my exboyfriend

im in a house and my exboyfriend shows up. he is a dangerous person with a cunning deceitful personality that if he wishes can hide very well. i feel i am walking on egg shells around him its just a matter of time before something bad happens. i dont know what he was yelling at me about but he was then physically violent towards me. he was trying to kill me. i dont know how but next thing i know i knocked him out and left him laying on the floor i went to neighbors house for help n called police. the boyfriend came there screaming at the door. the police came we go back to my house the ex is gone he fled in his truck. he left huge crash marks indents and cracks in the wood floor. and much damage through out the house. the police noticed where on two doors that enter the house someone had jimmed or pryed them open in the past and gained access inside. when i try to give police information on him i notice in my office things paperwork had been rifled through. in my mind i have no confidence police would even try to apprehend him even though he has extensive criminal past

Started off at the mall where I

Started off at the mall where I was relaxing under a tree. All of a sudden, armed gunmen started approaching about 500 yards apart from one another in a grid pattern. I apparently had a wingsuit and took to the skies. The remainder of the dream was trying to avoid their shots and bouncy bombs that had to be swatted away with perfect timing in order to avoid being blown apart. Eventually, I reached the Oracle (yes, Oracle the software company) building and the gunmen were now about 100 yards apart from each other (so much more in a close range in the field) also now there were gunmen on the rooftops. I tried everything I could to hide in trees and avoid them but they kept spotting me and I would have to move quickly to avoid their bullets and bombs. Eventually, I found some old acquaintances from high school a few blocks away who were doing their best to fight the gunmen off but the area became overrun. Large lights began to flash and sirens sounded and then I woke up.