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In my dream, I saw my childhood

In my dream, I saw my childhood friend. He was successful and happy, he worked for a company that helped manage the NFL, and he was rich. I was the same person I was in high school, and I wanted what he had, so I sabotaged his life, got him fired, got him divorced, and made him lose everything. We got in a fight after he found out it was me that was causing him so much pain and I cut out one of his eyes. I was arrested and thrown in jail. He was homeless and suicidal. After being released, we made up and everything got better.

Bicycling with my dad and his friend

Bicycling with my dad and his friend in my hometown and my friend's tire goes flat when a big group of bicyclists comes by. I recognize both bicyclists as high school friends and coworkers. We wait for friend to get new tube from group and dad's friend asks me about bicycling and I tell him about previous trips and he asks about jiu jitsu and we start wrestling. He has an open wound on his arm from surgery and stitches and it starts bleeding so we stop: there is a fat kid eating French fries and the ketchup is dripping onto a piano keyboard on the floor.

I was outside a building and my

I was outside a building and my friend from high school was there and I saw her baby boy who was splashed with filthy water from on top of the building by some stranger. I go over to the baby boy and pick him up and take him to a baby changing stand to clean the baby up. I ask for water from my friend to help clean her baby, and she comes back with yellow tinted water. I use the water, pouring it over the child and not only did the mess over the baby boy wash away but his physical appearance change where his hair turned blond and his dark eyes change to bright blue ones. I ask for better water and my friend goes and brings back clear water but this time inside the water there are bugs floating inside. I tilt the best I can to give the baby something to drink without the bugs going into his mouth.


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