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I dream that I am Rusty Joiner,

I dream that I am Rusty Joiner, a handsome, muscular man who is in charge of his own life, who works out regularly, eats responsibly, dresses stylishly, and who is completely at ease with himself. Also, I dream that I am quite comfortable being homosexual, and that I can commit to one man.

I had a dream that it was

I had a dream that it was 6th pd and for some reason Jake was in our class. Im not sure what started it but he started saying extremely offensive things insulting homosexuals and he would not shut up. Throughout the whole thing i couldn't speak no matter how much anger had built up. The thing was no one spoke up until i noticed Chris made this face of like I had enough of your shit stood up , walked over to jake who was right next to me and asked him Why do you hate them so much? What did they do to you? Is it cause you're brainwashed by religion that you're like this? Then jake got pissed and insulted Chris so Chris pushed him back. Then suddenly jake tried to punch him and i had stood up and stopped him from punching Chris. I did that twice throughout the confrontation. Finally it ended and towards the end of class Chris came over and hugged me as a thank you.