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I am in travelling back with an

I am in travelling back with an old school friend the car flips before i can get in the car, the car is filled with sand and we carry on our journey if nothing had happened, there is an artist in the car and he is using the sand to make a picture using paints of various colours to make a lion surrounded by flowers, we drive for a while and arrive at a train tracks, the tracks are packed with different shops and I find myself surrounded by people we make our way along the tracks, the artist guy buys an icecream eats it and then isnt seen in the dream again, we go in a few of the shops along the walk picking up rice balls and a black and white hamster along the way. when we reach the end of the tracks I am greeted by a firework display and a mass of people jumping through the air its beautiful and I tke some photos but look around and realize that I no longer see anyone that I know, I am left alone holding the hamster and have to find my own way home then I woke up.

There are two huge towers of glass

There are two huge towers of glass & steel dwarfing all the other buildings for miles around... suddenly all the alarms in the city, cars, household, shops etc... go off at once and a tsunami of blood rushes through the streets destroying everything, drowning everyone. An apocalypse. A landscape of caked blood & flotsam is left as far as the eye can see, with the twin roofs tops just poking out, a single antenna pointing to heaven. It wobbles momentarily, it all sinks. The end.

I travelled to India with a girl

I travelled to India with a girl and my dog. We took a taxi to the airport. My dog got washed. We got to India and were in our shabby hotel room, where the walls, and floors, were made of wood. We were sharing our room with two other teenage girls. There was a hole in the floor near one of the beds, and a Christmas tree in the middle. We went to the shops and saw my Dad in a cafe, and a building running around, and then my Dad got on a double decker bus.

My friend woke me up but I

My friend woke me up but I had a song playing clear as day in my head like a record but only I could hear it but I was trying so hard to pretend I was normal. I went into the living room and other people were there. I wanted to carry on partying but the others didn't like my manic behaviour. I decided I didn't like them so I went out for a walk. It was dark and I was waking down my high-street, it seemed like the background was in a loop, repeating the same shops I went passed. I even thought in my dream this was strange but I didn't care just kept walking. I was aware and untrustworthy of everyone that walked past me when I saw a dark figure of a man walk towards me and I stopped still scared. I turned my head and looked into an alleyway and there was an insane woman in a straight jacket being comforted by her sister telling her to calm down and hand herself in. The sister looked at me and I looked back at the man who was now closing in on me. Suddenly a white van parked up and put the man in a straight jacket and forced him into the van and drove I looked at the women in the ally way and laughed and said "he was proper mental!"