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One day I suddenly enter with my

One day I suddenly enter with my family at a store like Shell but there's a McDonalds at one of the sides of the store (back side most likely) and once we have our order and food we go behind McDonalds in one of the back doors of the store to only find another little rectangle room . My family sits down and I ask my parents if I can get some ice cream ,since there is an ice cream dispenser only of vanilla with fudge (optional ) but I don't put the fudge there , my parents say yes and I happily skip to the ice cream dispenser and get some icecream. Soon enough this girl( about 9-10) and a boy(12-13) my age start talking talking to me , for some reason in this dream I know them but in real life I haven't really known them or ever seen them (or so I think).once we start talking for a while I suddenly forget about my family and go to a weird place behind the room which is more like a dark colored room but the games make it sort of bright;arcade and enter it with the boy and girl. We start having fun but we soon seperate only for me to suddenly go to the backyard which has a big tree which I can climb and weirdly enough my storage house which is bigger . I go straight for the backyard to only find my friends and some other ppl and some adults in which some I know . My friends from last year I see at first but then I find my new friends from this year and hang out with them and mainly hang out with my friend who is my best friend and start being competetive with each other(like always in real life), but at a sort of looking park with not so many trees but still raining a lil, soon after my sister comes looking after me while I'm talking laying on a tree ,right next to my storage room ,with my friend and I tell my sister a few more minutes but she say no, in some 5-7 minutes my mom and sister come and tell me that it's time to leave so I say goodbye to my friend , as soon as I get into that room I go into it but to not find the arcade and just the room behind the McDonalds as if we just skipped it , after that I wake up Sidenote: I've been having this dreams for years now and the same dream happens to me but the only difference is that each year whatever age I am and all the people in my dream age as well as in real life.

My boyfriend and I were at a

My boyfriend and I were at a familiar plaza and we got tapioca/boba as he disappeared somewhere, I went back to get myself ice cream. There were only a few distinct flavors available, but as I tried to tell the lady mango, I blurted out watermelon. She gave it to me, with a smile on her face but that flavor wasn't on the menu .. I walked out of the shop and ate my ice cream while heading out to find my boyfriend. As I was walking around a building I felt many small things hitting me from above. Looking up, I saw an airplane and thought the pieces were coming off from it and falling from to the ground. But as I continued around the building while protecting my ice cream, the pieces kept falling rapidly and only in my direction. I looked up once more, and I found that rocks were being pushed off the side of the roof to hit me. Then I woke up.

I was handing out ice cream and

I was handing out ice cream and once everyone was done I cleaned it up. They were waiting to use our bathroom to clean up since we apparently couldn't eat right and got all our hands sticky. I was the last one to go in and wash my hands and stuff and he came in. We were just talking and all this nice stuff that I don't remember in detail but it was nice and happy. Then he just started to say how nice I was and all that jazz and me being a dumbass was being perfectly fine with it. I wanted to wash my hair in the sink cause it was hot out and I was sweating so he handed me the towel on the rank and wrapped it around my head when I turned off the water and was blinded by water. So he was drying my hair and just saying nice things until we heard something in the game room and say that it was my teacher lol just sitting there and waiting for something to happen

I was on my way to school

I was on my way to school with friends in a large upscale city. We stopped to get ice cre for myself and my boyfriend. I forgot my money in the car so I went back alone to get it. I got lost. While running frantically I found a friend waving a flag. He said he knew where to go and we ran together but it was the wrong place. Alone again I found another friend who said it would take a half an hour to get back to where I needed to go. I cried saying the ice cream would be melted and woke up.