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You still need to be present, not

You still need to be present, not urban areas, knowing that a new wave of Supes readers were right around the corner?WITH THISWEEKs release of "Man of Steel Many military leaders have trained at Western institutions They have the support of secular Egyptians and they are fighting a legitimate battle against the forces of radical Islam which will otherwise engulf Egypt just as they engulfed Iran Although nobody said so explicitly this was clearly the view of the Obama administration in the wake of Secretary of State John F Kerry put it best in an unguarded moment when he was speaking on Pakistani television " all of whom were afraid of a descent into chaos" he declared "In effect they were restoring democracy"The United States and the West should support the Muslim Brotherhood Mohamed Morsi may not have been the most effective leader of Egypt but now he is effectively under arrest Never mind that Morsis instincts were anti-liberal or that his clear intention was to place the Muslim Brotherhood in control of Egypts judicial and political institutions We ought to have supported him when he was in power and now that he is out of power his cause is even more important and tortured We should organize ourselves on their behalf and in their defense Both arguments have merit But both also have a central flaw especially when made through tweets sound bites press releases and other nuance-free forms of communication They divide the Egyptian scene into two warring camps Morsi vs the generals secular vs Islamic military vs Brotherhood thus tempting everyone to take sides Which is ridiculous since its none of our business who runs Egypt and we shouldnt be "backing" anybody at all Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel came close to this viewthis week that "Its up to the Egyptian people And they are a large great sovereign nation And it will be their responsibility to sort this out" But neither Hagel nor anyone else in the administration has taken the next logical step True its up to the Egyptian people Also true we shouldnt back one group over another in Egypt or anywhere else Those sorts of political games have won the United States an appalling reputation in the Middle East and elsewhere because they invariably backfire We support the "pro-Americans" ignore their unpopularity and are shocked when they fall Or we support the "modernizers" who then turn out to be dictators and we are shocked when they fall The particularly virulent strain of anti-Americanism in Egypt comes in part from our mostly uncritical support for Egyptian dictators in the past But there is another way to think about all this The United States can and should stand for the rule of law stable institutions and democracy And by "democracy" I mean not just an election organized by the international community but the principle that power should change hands peacefully inclusively and according to a set of rules accepted by all social groups In societies such as Egypt or Syria the advocacy of democracy isnt ideology but common sense The alternative after all is that power changes hands violently that some ethnic or religious groups are left out of the political process and that social discontent remains very high Had the Obama administration thought about Egypt in these terms it might have had a rational intelligible policy over the past several years When Hosni Mubarak was in power we should have pressured him loudly and clearly to hold elections When Morsi was president we should have called on him equally loudly and clearly to share power with other groups to make concessions to minorities to make sure that a flawed constitution was interpreted as fairly as possible Now that the military is in power we should come out loudly and clearly against its coup and use whatever limited influence we have to persuade the generals to return Egypt to constitutional rule It sounds simple but of course it isnt If Kerry can confuse a millions-strong demonstration with "democracy" and if President Obama cant bring himself to use the word "coup" then it will be difficult for this administration to be clear firm and consistent about the events unfolding not only in Egypt but also in Syria Libya and elsewhere around the worldRead more from or We’re not guys who are out on the street,After the Philadelphia Eagles’ practice ended and Riley Cooper and Cary Williams had gone to their neutral corners He was among Post reporters awarded the 2002 Pulitzer Prize for national reporting. including nuclear weapons and arms control, obviously.Do Romneys revenue hikes truly represent a 1, the increases brought in a total of $2.

Dreamt that I lived on a native

Dreamt that I lived on a native commune. 2friends suffered nose bleeds and the second one triggered an asthma attack due to fear. Before that it felt like I was watching a movie, then I was the person who was giving birth to a baby the size of a house! The birth went naturally and everything went well except that the government wanted to steal her for study. The natives kept us safe. Also, somehow there was alien influence as Some of the crops would uproot and float up into the air and disappear. We started fighting back by jumping up to grab the wheat.

I dream (in London, I am sure

I dream (in London, I am sure it was) of many glass buildings. They were very modern and beautiful. Some were where people lived and some were offices. It's interesting in the last dream circle I dreamt of a glass green house for Celtic, but this was entirely different! In the top of these modern cube glass buildings, the top floor (like a real floor at the top), they invented or found something amazing. They filled it with water and somehow with technology it brought amazing cooling to the buildings. There was a whole series of these glass cubes with the water in the top floor portion, like a tank. I notice in one of the buildings they actually had fish in the tank! somehow the fish did not die or overheat in the top! The sun would literally shine on it from above but it was an amazing invention. From the outside you could see in the glass and the tanks looked amazing! water suspended at the top! After this I felt I was waking up and was trying to decipher the dream to answer your question. my intuition or a voice said the theme was "innovative". This was an innovative discovery! I think my dream was influenced by local topical things to me. first of all the dream was about an amazing new cooling method for modern buildings, interesting during the very hot period we have had in London. Also in London many glass buildings are suddenly going up. I feel very negative to them, they are ugly and soul less. Historical buildings are being demolished for something which makes no impression. However the buildings in my dream were beautiful and fitted in well! I was at my mothers home. Though the home looked nothing like her home or any home I had ever been in before. It was nighttime, and my sister and I were going to go somewhere together. We opened the door of moms home, and walked down a few wooden steps to the wooden deck that overlooked mom's large parking area. My nieces was getting into a car with some other kids some other kids getting ready to go somewhere at the same time my sister and I were getting into her car. That's when I noticed a very dear friend of the family walking up the driveway with her two young boys. Excitedly I jumped out of the car to greet them. I walked with them into mom's house with the boys close behind me, to let mom know they are here. Mom was visiting with guests who were staying at her house. When I walked back into the home, and had to move 3 bicycles out of the way so the boys and their mom could come in. These bikes were not there when I walked out, but this did not seem unusual. then later, the dream shifted... At the shift, my sister, mom and I were walking around the upstairs of her house (again not a home that I recognize). We walked into one bedroom and found some people that were filming a game show that involved well known actors/actresses. John Travolta was there with headphones on, so he could not hear the answers to the questions given. His 'partner' in the game was regular person, someone who was not famous was being given the questions. After the questions were given and while John Travolta still had his headphones on, they brought in the opposing team in the contest. One was a very famous attractive African American woman, whom I recognize but who's name I don't recall and her female partner. We left as they were about to begin the game show. We walked outside were we saw some friends. They had little piggies with them. We leaned over the ledge and ask them about the piggies. Mom and my sister went down to check them out. All of a sudden, I have my baby daughter with me, she looks to be about 18 months old. I try to take her down to see the piggies, but she refuses when she sees the mud. So, I yell down to Mom and sister telling them this. The man who brought the piggies picks up the smallest one and brought it up to show to my young daughter. Then, mom, sister, baby and I and go back into the mom's house. Cash my daughters real life dog who is deceased now came to greet us. My baby daughter is gone from the dream and Cash the dog is so tired. We help him up onto a bed to go to sleep then we turn out the light and walk away. All of a sudden, I am sitting somewhere on some porch steps or on a chair, and it's still dark outside. I'm holding a frog on my lap in open hands allowing the frog to jump away. The frog did just that, it jumped right out of my hands, it's long back legs pointing back at me as it went."