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Okay, I know this is odd, but

Okay, I know this is odd, but I'm curious as to the meaning. I was waiting tables and going to get to-go cups for the table. Then the next room was semiliar to a hospital. I saw my dead friend Jennifer and touched her shoulder. She turned and looked at me surprised that I could see and touch her. We were really happy and spent some time hanging out in a hospital room. I realized that I had not taken care of my table at work and I asked her what she knew about changing time. She said that she would take care of it and we smiled and said goodbye to one-another. I then went back to the table I had waited on and they were gone. I saw a to-go cup on the table and part of me worried that she was unsuccessful and the table would have left mad. I looked at the ticket and It was a different table and had another servers name written on it with a total of $5.47. It had, "call me plz" written on it, but I noticed that she didn't leave the male server a tip, so I looked around to see if it was on the table or in a ticket book. I noticed many beautiful cartoon like crayon colored drawings and put them in his book where a tip would go. I also found a lot of change on the table and moved a curtain and found more change and 2 or 3 lighters. I got distracted in the dream and something woke me up as he walked up to the table.

My dream last night was placed in

My dream last night was placed in a room where there was one wall of the room was glass. Jennifer and I were inside of the room talking about something and she looked over into the glass room. When I looked over I noticed that Brian was in the room. But for some reason I could only see his feet and a little bit of his legs. He was wearing blue sweatpants and tennis shoes that were red-ish orange and black. I asked her what he was doing and she nonchalantly said, “Oh he is talking to your mom about the twins. He is making a decision because she told him that she is going to have to give them up if we don’t take them.” I looked back over to Brian and now I could see his face and somehow hear what he was saying. “I don’t think we can. I don’t know what we can do….” Then I couldn’t hear Brian anymore and went back to talking to Jen.