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Its starts in a place that has

Its starts in a place that has so many long tables and each table are people that I have met some point in my life, some of them know each other and some don't but they happen to be in the same table and they act like they know each other when I am around. The place was like a huge five star restaurant everything was bright with lights and big jewels,diamonds and mirror like glass. It was like a party in heaven everything is beautiful. There was also an opening where it leads to a theme park probably the most fun and beautiful theme park I've seen but I never went out the place is like a big round restaurant with pillars to support the building it self. But I though my main purpose there was to have a great time with people I've met in my life and to talk to the girl that I really loved. So I searched the whole place I went to different tables saw different people I know/knew and all happen to be around the same age as me or same generation. When I saw the girl I loved she was with her ex boyfriend, I do not know why because they already broke up a long time ago and she seemed happy, I was a little heart broken that I haven't be to say my feelings to her so I just went by their table which is also accompanied by people I know/knew without saying a word and ended up on a table where I think was my table and I am accompanied by what I considered at my Best friends and almost all of them are in different points of my life too. We where happy and just messed around with each other. A few days later I dreamed of this dream again it was very similar and that time I know where my table is unlike the last dream where I was just roaming around but before I got to my table I still tried to look for that girl and the same thing happened I saw her with ex boyfriend in a table and again I don't say a word and just walked by it ending up to my table

I was working in a store with

I was working in a store with a friend, and we were doing our job, walking around, checking on things. I saw rats, roaches, and worms. Then a lady came in and said her daughter is somewhere in the store. So, me and a guy went looking for the girl with a dog. The guy gave up, but I kept looking. I was able to get the dog to listen to me, and I found the girl, dead, in some sort of plexi-glassed corner. We sang a song, and I remember the little girls bag. It was jean, with different colored jewels on it.

My girlfriend and I are very happy,

My girlfriend and I are very happy, but the other night I had a dream that her ex boyfriend(who she is still close Friends with) tried to kill myself and my girlfriend with a knife that was covered in colourful jewels. We kept running but he would chase and always end up ahead of us. I woke up as I think he caught us. Whar is this strange dream about, it was very vivid except the place we ran around was unfamiliar and just straight tunnel like streets...nothing to seperate one street ftom another