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I was very fond of a person

I was very fond of a person who has played an important part in my life. We are no more and it has been 2 years since I tried to cut off links with this person. I dream frequently about going to this person's native place which is a beautiful place, act all touristy but in reality I am hoping to meet this person. I am always with my confidant, my best friend. The place which i dream of is seldom bearing resemblance to the actual place, most often the place where this person lives is up a hill and I remember the journey to his residence as the most vivid part of the dream. I am happy about the prospects of meeting him. But never in any dream have I met him. The dream ends with my disappointment and my journey back, the vacation ending.

I am in travelling back with an

I am in travelling back with an old school friend the car flips before i can get in the car, the car is filled with sand and we carry on our journey if nothing had happened, there is an artist in the car and he is using the sand to make a picture using paints of various colours to make a lion surrounded by flowers, we drive for a while and arrive at a train tracks, the tracks are packed with different shops and I find myself surrounded by people we make our way along the tracks, the artist guy buys an icecream eats it and then isnt seen in the dream again, we go in a few of the shops along the walk picking up rice balls and a black and white hamster along the way. when we reach the end of the tracks I am greeted by a firework display and a mass of people jumping through the air its beautiful and I tke some photos but look around and realize that I no longer see anyone that I know, I am left alone holding the hamster and have to find my own way home then I woke up.

I am on a journey walking on

I am on a journey walking on the road, it seems like in the country i see two chinese guys siting on wall i was at the end of the road so i turn and look over a house i saw my grandpa sitting down he looked happy and beside him a beautyifull white girl and a security gaurd i know, i was curious because i was wonering why am i see my grandpa because he is dead, i walk over the house to see him, as i walked over i realised the ground was full with mud and it was deep when i finally reach over the white girl ask me to buy her some food sugar bun and cheese at the shop accross the road so i jump over the wall passing a bald headed lady sitting down when i reach the shop i was not sure if i had enough money to buy 2 meals

My dream had me going to a

My dream had me going to a sky diving school several times. The meeting location was not at some small airport but an elaborate compound, with long corridors, stairs, court yards, like the Pentagon.I remember rushing through the compound each time trying to find a short cut, and i learned from prior trip to try different paths, all end up at the end through an upstair ramp or short staircase to reach the meeting destination. It is amazing how my brain works, the scenary were vivid and consistent. When I reached a certain spot it took me through familiar corridors. For example, if i decided to go through the gift shop this time it diretionally takes me to a common landing leading to the meeting place. It is like my brain pre-assembled the building and all the interior before I run through it. The sky diving itself was not spectacular. Yes at the end I did do a free fall like my instructor, for only a short time. So it was more about the journeys that took me there. Even though I tried different pathways learning from prior trips, it ended up taking about the same distance. My mental state was - I wasn't complaining but neither was I really enjoying the trips. It was more like rushing thought it each time. Why does this mean ? Thank you.

I dreamt that i was on a

I dreamt that i was on a journey in a car and the car ended up at the wrong place and then a inshane man started to chase after us and i was crying.

It started out on a school field

It started out on a school field trip, he was walking in a line and all of a sudden he turned his head and saw a slide. He figured his teacher wouldn’t mind if he took a little trip down the twisted slide so he climbed the latter and began he journey down the slide. When he landed he was in a desert, it was bare and hot and the ground was cracked. There were a few cactuses- he decided that that wasn’t the place for him so he climbed back up the slide and made his way down again landing with a big splash, he panicked only for a second before realizing that even though he was under the water he could still breath, he looked around noticing the oceans features as he continued to sink, he saw whales and dolphins, turtles, and fish. He even saw a scuba diver. But the water started to turn dark and decided that this place wasn’t for him either. So he climbed back up the slide and twisted and turned as he went down again. He repeated this over and over again, he landed in a circus, on a hot air balloon, and many other places… but when he decided that is was time to go home he climbed up the slide on last time and slid right back into his class line and woke up.

I was walking through a burial ground

I was walking through a burial ground dressed in a black skirt suit. Very professional looking and carrying a brown leather brief case in one hand. The briefcase contained a loaded hand gun). No one knew what was inside the case except me. On the opposite side to where I was walking were a group of professional looking people dressed in black also. They were people of high office in the land and they were all walking and discussing important issues. We were all heading in a southern direction. I was on one street and they were on a parallel street running between the burial sites. I was walking very quickly as if on a mission. As I proceeded on, suddenly I came across an opening on the street and so I had to walk around it to contin ue on my journey.

I was going on a journey and

I was going on a journey and had to get rid of my bag to get to the othersude of the mountain and i cam u to a house