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It’s in the middle of the mass

It’s in the middle of the mass and my mom tells me that she and my sister needed to go home to help paint the garage. Very shortly after, I get a call from my mom on my firefly cellphone that she and my sister were tied up to a pole by ninjas in black suits. I freak out and leave church and run straight home. I thought that it was weird that no one was home because my dad was painting. Being my young self, I got scared and do the only thing in the world that would make me feel calm again; play the Wii. I strapped on my Wii remote and started to play Wii bowling like I always did. I was almost done with my game when I heard a big knocking noise come from upstairs. It stopped eventually so I went back to bowling. Again, the knocking starts but this time it’s louder. I now turn off the T.V. and go to the steps. I walk a little bit up the staircase but then suddenly stop. I see my mom’s red high-heel shoes at the top of the stairs. They begin to walk like there is someone in them. I scream and run down the stairs and slam the door shut. The door opens so now I know there is some kind of ghost chasing me! I sprint out the house as fast as I could but still can’t get away from the shoes. I fall at the end of my driveway, sobbing. The red high-heels stand before me and the ghost is now hold items in multiple hands: a spray paint can, a brush, a baseball hat and a banana. I quickly try to call for help on my firefly phone but then the ghost suddenly kicked the phone out of my hand and crushed it with the heel. Next thing I know, all the items in it’s hand were thrown at my face. This is when I wake up.

I've had this same dream twice in

I've had this same dream twice in a night ( 21/3/16). The first dream was sad and the second turned out happy. In the first dream, I was close friends with this boy( I don't know who he is) and we're both 15/16 years old( I'm 15 right now turning 16 in august). The boy has dirty blond hair, muscular arms ( that's all I know of this boy as I have never seen him before)We had just become friends but it felt like we liked eachother but we're to scared to admit it. This boy told me that when he was a little boy he use to get abused by his dad but one day his dad just left. So one day I was at my house with my family and the boy came running to my house and told me his dad was back and after him. We didn't tell my family so when his dad came to the door they let him in and he explained that he was the boys dad. My family left the house to give the boy and his dad privacy but I stayed. The dad had started to abuse the boy again but I stepped in and took the beating meant for the boy. After the dad was done, he left and the boy took me upstairs, cared for my injuries and we both lay in bed side by side. The boy wouldn't stop crying because he felt bad that I took the beating but I reassured him I was fine and would do that again if I had to. The boy still felt sad and blamed him self so he took his life and I couldn't save him. I saved him once from his dad but I couldn't save him then. In the second dream that I had the same night, everything happend the way it happened in the first dream. Me and the boy are friends, he told me he use to get abused, his dad went away, the boy comes to my house because his dad's back. But for some reason I knew what would happen if someone in my family opened the door , so I told my family not to open the door if somone knocks. His dad came to my house, knocked on the door , but no one opened the door. The dad went away after knocking a couple times and I saved the boy from getting abused again. I saved the boy from taking his life. When I woke up, I felt really sad because I remembered that in the first dream the boy took his life because of me. The thought of this is eating me up and I feel like crying due to that, even though I did save him in the second dream. The dream is all I'm thinking about and the boy even though I don't know who he is. These dreams did happen on the same night right after eachother

I had a dream where I was

I had a dream where I was at a restaurant with my parents, and there was extremely loud music that seemed to have bothered everybody. Aside from that, I had looked outside and noticed a group of small schoolchildren, not toddlers, but, big enough to understand the difference between right and wrong. I saw that they were lighting trees on fire, and I had immediately rushed to put them out. I then looked over, and saw a smaller group of kids go with one tall boy that held a gas canister. The children ran away screaming, and I ran over to examine the scene. I couldn't see a fire, but, I saw a traffic cone there, surrounded by police tape. I lifted the cone up, and underneath, was a cup of water. I saw the tall figure, and quickly became annoyed by him. I tried to splash him with my bucket of water, but, then I realized that it was gasoline. I also shouted how if he messes up in any form, he would be set ablaze. I saw that he had a smart fire already growing on his blue shirt, and he tried to remove it. I turned away from it and heard an agonizing scream. Which then afterwards, I received a text message that said he would need healing because, "his skin was melted off." Eventually, I remember being in a cramped hotel room, trying to escape something that was knocking at my door. I sluggishly ran towards a few doors, closing them behind me, and hiding inside of a closed closet.

Boyfrien was on the left of me,

Boyfrien was on the left of me, his son near the right of him standing in front of a chair in the living room. I was standing near the left side back of chair, my daughter on my right. All of a sudden, the front door opens, and we here Hello, no knocking at all, and there stands my boyfriends ex, in a red above knee, loose fitting dress, red lipstick, smiling, she walks into our home and throws herself on the chair chattering away, and she folds her legs up into the chair sitting partly on one hip, the dress rises above her large, thigh showing skin and nearly her private areas, i look down and see her, she was trying to tempt my boyfriend, she didnt look at him, but down towards the right as she spoke, I was upset at her for having no boundries or respect for our home, I looked at my daughter , she couldnt believe it, then my boyfriends ex fixed her dress to appropraitely hide her thigh and areas like it should be. I glanced at my ex, but then looked away, he seemed placent, towards her. His son was looking down not at his mom, and then I woke up.