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Hi Please help I had this dream

Hi Please help I had this dream last night it was so vivid I need to know what it means: We were in another state not where we live in a shopping mall watching a movie in individual cubicles on small screens all of a sudden I started vomiting for no reason over myself I had a tie on and I took it off from around my neck I was wearing my leather jacket it got vomit on it I wiped it clean. Then my friend her husband and our kids left as I was not feeling well - my friend called an Uber xl - while we were waiting to leave a guy not overly aggressive tried to abduct my friends husband grabbing him saying your coming with me I gabbed him back saying no he’s coming with us - then the guy pulled out a small blade on my friends husband I tried to calm him down - next minute 2 strangers grabbed the attempted abductor and shot him with a tiny gun in the mouth he was smiling opened his mouth it was a fake bullet on his tongue after a moment they all laughed and it appeared we were in a street theatre thing - so weird - never wear ties Thank you

"Related storiesdeal me inArsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United

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I went to a sea side with

I went to a sea side with nan grandad and lover to a rundown place I separate them and end up in toilets with a lot of run down women enter a cubicle and start to pass urine meen while someone's urine comes from other cubical getting my feet and get more till splashing on floor and I look to see a woman aiming it at me through bottom of cubical I react in disgust and yell for help meen while a other woman pears her head under the front of the cubical I some how purchases cannabis and leave the toilets in panic of getting court I go to enter bilding were I left my family and lover comes out in time so I can pass him the drugs I enter to find it a dance floor with disco find my nan and grandad look around to see Chinese men wearing sunglasses on Sun loungers on dance floor my nan wonders about and my grandad dances in leather coat and goes to order 5 Coke drinks and I wake ?

My girlfriend was dancing, swaying in a

My girlfriend was dancing, swaying in a lingerie with leather underwear and leather shorts underneath her see thru gown, hands in the air and when I spoke or approached her, she acted like she never heard or saw me.

Dan and Phil bought me lunch. They

Dan and Phil bought me lunch. They were laughing there was a girl with blue hair. Dan had leather trousers . Looked hot

I'm looking over a scene in a

I'm looking over a scene in a high rise building and a man is talking to a woman in an office about whether or not she believes the boss was really killed by a demon. She says, "Of course not" The man tells her to look up and there is a demon with the face of a goat, huge sharp teeth, long horns, claws for hands, large wings, black fur on its legs, and leathery skin on its stomach up to its neck and arms. It is crouching on a metal bar in the office. The man turns and walks out as the demon lunges at the woman. The door shuts and I'm outside the office. The man tells me and another coworker about what just happens. I say, "You left her in there?" He says yes so we run to the office and open the door to see the demon crouched over the woman with her intestines hanging out of its mouth and blood scattered everywhere. It looks up and suddenly lunges at me with its mouth wide open but before it can reach me the dream ends.