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Last night I dreamed there were two

Last night I dreamed there were two sisters; one was around five the other was about sixteen. The older one had dark colored skin (a few degrees darker than caramel, but not as dark as chocolate) with brown eyes and thick black hair that fell to her back. I never actually saw the younger one, but she had a presence. I was wearing this white dress with a ribbon around the middle. I was suppose to protect them both from a stalker, I think I was hired. The stalker had already gotten to them once and it resulted in the older sister getting raped and now he was trying to get to them both, whether to kill them or worse. Anyways, we were moving quickly to another safe house. When we got there we rushed inside because I thought we were being followed. Inside the House was almost all white, even the steps on the staircase (of which there was only one). There were no lamps and the only light seemed to come from a large window above the door we just entered. The light illuminated the wall we were facing which had only three things of note. One a staircase, which was also white to the point where you wouldn’t be able to see it without the shadowed outline of the steps. Two, a romanesque doorway with no door that was to the left of the staircase. Three, a white door at the top of the staircase. The only color was the floor, which was a glossy, rich deep reddish-brown wood. There was a banging from the door behind us and without turning around we ran up the staircase and through the door at the top. as the door swung shut I saw the Man and about twenty others, dressed as security personnel, siege the House. He was older and tall with salt with pepper hair and dark, glittering, eyes that were so dark you couldn’t tell where the pupil was. His face was lined, though not heavily, a little around the eyes and mouth. I saw a lot before the door closed. We faced another problem in the shape of three identical doors. We chose one at random and continued to flee through the House. Door after door after identical door we ran. eventually we came to a small room. It looked like a child’s bedroom, the walls were purple and pink and there was a twin bed covered with stuffed animals. There were two windows that I planned to be our escape. Before we could leave I had to go back and lock all the doors we came through. This was of vital importance in the dream because i thought it would buy us time. So I told the girls to stay put and back I went through the endless maze of doors, back to the first door. As I locked it, I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and knew I didn’t have much time. So I quickly worked backwards hoping the locked doors would slow them down and I would have time to make it back to the girls and out of the window. One of the doors lead to a pale bedroom with a king sized bed and with a pair of french doors on one side that would serve as my shortcut. I turned my back to lock the door, but it took longer to lock because the hinges were loose so I had to lift the door to lock it. As I turned towards the doors that were to be my escape, I panicked… They were blocked. A white vanity covered my only other escape route. The top of the vanity was covered with small nick-nacks such as glass bottles, small statues, books, and jewelry. I didn’t know how it could have happened because a few minutes before the doors were unobstructed. I rush over to move it out of the way, knowing I spent too much time already because I could hear doors faintly crash open behind me. I notice that no matter how hard I pushed against the table it wouldn’t budge, fear seized me when I noticed it was bolted to the floor. I was confused and terrified. Confused because I didn’t know how the vanity could have moved there or how it could have been bolted down without me knowing; terrified because my only other means of escape was through the door I just locked. A chuckle filled the room. It was deep and cold and numbing all at once and what was worse was that it wasn’t from me. I turned to see the Man leaning against the frame of the door behind me. “What do we have here?” His voice was accented, British, I think. He sounded amused and curious, though, like I was some strange animal not behaving as it should. He approached me with swagger and nonchalance, knowing very well that I was trapped and well past the state of panic and barely keeping it together. I knew then what it was like to be a cornered animal; standing in front of him stock still, heartbeat rising along with adrenaline. While I was panicking he just smiled at me. It was a predatory smile and I slowly started backing away. I knew I could not go anywhere, he knew it too, and his smile widen when I ran into the vanity. the baubles on top jangled. When he got within arms reach and politely said, “Pleasure to meet you.” That snapped me out of whatever weird, hypnotic fear I was in and I reacted instinctively and impetuously. I reached behind me and grabbed statue from the vanity behind me. He was shocked and stumbled back. Using this to my advantage I foolishly tried to move the vanity. I heard a laugh behind me. He had recovered and was chuckling at my sad attempts at escape. I was still facing away from him and a sense of hopelessness washed over me. I felt him come up behind me and say, “Are you quite done?” I lowered my head and I felt his hand on my shoulder as he slowly made me face him. He took out this wickedly sharp knife and started playing with my dress. “Such a shame to ruin such a lovely dress.” The blade pierced the fabric at the back of the dress and I felt the cool metal graze my skin. I could not take it anymore so I turn around and tried to get as far away from him as possible. I made my way across the room hoping to unlock the door on the other side. I only got a few steps before my legs gave out and I sank to the floor. I sat there, holding what was left of my tattered dress to by body, as he walked around me. He crouched down and I looked up at him. I was so afraid I was tearing up “Please, don’t. Just please.” He just smile and touched my face, I tried to flinch but he held my head in place. “Come now, that’s enough of that.” he said, and he drew my face towards his and then… I woke up.

i was standin in a garden next

i was standin in a garden next to a seal, a beautiful seal with a coat so shimmery and he had bright healthy eyes. it was obvious this seal was in absolute glowing health. the sun shone on its back and it had the most rapturous sparkling eyes full of life and happiness. i noticed i had a bag in my hand, and i thought it might have something in for the seal as surely a creature like that deserved a treat of sorts. when i reached in the bag, a million maggots swarmed out and fell onto the back of the seal devouring its beautiful glossy skin. the maggots grew and some changed into bright and shiny ducks and floated off down a stream, and others scattered to flower beds and feasted upon them, leaving the once-beautiful flowers wilting and withered. I looked back at the seal and scooped away the remaining maggots to find the seal all eaten away and its lovely coat and skin was no longer shining, it was rooted to the spot, half eaten and would never move again. The expression in its eyes was what caught me...it was one of pure sadness, pain, bewilderment and confusion.... a truly heartbreaking sight. i had to turn away in guilt, as i had let the maggots out the bag and onto it to begin with. i then turned towards the ducks who were swimming quite happily and rapidly away, oblivious to the pain they had initially caused. i turned back to the seal and said "dont worry, i'll look after you now". the seal smiled with gratitude. i never felt so much guilt and misery, as when i looked into the eyes of a once beautiful seal that i mistakenly had pretty much destroyed. i woke up crying. one of the most horrendous dreams i have ever had.

I was sat on the floor outside

I was sat on the floor outside where I used to go to college, it was a lovely hot sunny day and there were two guys across the road laughing about emojis on clothing, and a group of girls on my side of the road a few feet away laughing about the same idea, so I started shouting idea about what'd look good and came up with watermelon on ripped white jeans, and one of the girls thought it must have been the best idea ever because she came up and hugged me and invited me into their group. So when I got up and walked down they were smoking a couple joints between em, but they didn't offer me any yet. Anyways there's a bit of a gap between being there with the group of girls and waking up to see my finished tattoo. Which the tattooist had ruined, and I realised I'd probably been drugged, because the head and mane was okay, but the horn wasn't in its head, instead it looked like the head was attached to a walking cane and the horn was attached to the curved end but shaped like a butt plug!! And I had to live with it so I went back to my house and my sister was in the bedroom and the group of girls was just leaving, but they left me half a joint in the windowsill so I smoked it out the window, and as I put it out a green skull flashed before me and that was a symbol that I would have a nice high and not a bad one.

I have a recurring dream about a

I have a recurring dream about a house and I want to get to a lovely sunroom but I have to pass this huge lounge which is dark and makes me scared. Last night my dream was in that room and it was a lounge/bedroom. I was standing on the sofa/bed waving a duvet and looking at a clock on the wall and I was shouting loudly bring it on. Suddenly the clock started knocking against the wall and turning so fast it flew off the wall. I ran and fetched my sister shouting that she should come and see what was happening but she was very reluctant. Then she ran to the kitchen where my mom was sitting. I was crying hysterically but mom was very calm. She looked at someone behind me and said it's poltergeists, where is Nick. I woke up then.

Reggie is a magician’s assistant ― “the

Reggie is a magician’s assistant ― “the disappearance boy” ― for Teddy Brookes’s “Missing Lady”. Each night, and three times on a Thursday, Reggie helps the lovely assistant of Mr Brookes (“it seemed right to be formal, somehow”) disappear into a puff of smoke. Or rather, he helps herSales of annuities slumped by 16 per cent last year as savers tired of the decreasing yields on these products, which convert a pension pot into an annual retirement income for the rest of their lives. Air Max Griffey 1 Women's

Husband and I unexpectedly went to sons

Husband and I unexpectedly went to sons in laws home to deliver an item. They have been rude to us routinely. They live on an acreage with a lovely large home, my military son and daughter in law were there who live out of state with a new baby which we did not know about. The house was full of people, a baptism was to take place. I was crushed for not being included. On our way out, a medical emergency happened. It was so vivid, a person went into full cardiac arrest and I a nurse, went to work on the individual near the door we were exiting. While working on this person people started running, yelling and men were going outdoors as a flood was coming upon the property. They were getting heavy duty equipment, bulldozers and such to try to protect the house and water was overcoming the house. The person in cardiac arrest rebounded, husband and I made it out safely. The house and property took a heavy hit.