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I was sleeping when my mom woke

I was sleeping when my mom woke me and my siblings up from our slumber. Then she said that someone was robbing the bank in our home town! So we hopped in the explorer and she drove us to the circle. When we arrived there were a butt load of cops there. Then my uncle brian showed up in his car and my mom ran over to him and they both went over to the bank. All of the cops were over there with their guns in hand. The robbers were coming out of the bank with a sack full of cash! All of the sudden it gets quiet and my grandma runs up the road-hill and does a front flip and landed in a lunge with her gun pointed at the robbers along with all of the other cops there. Then the robber points his gun at me(im still in the car) and pulls the trigger!... but we have bullet proof glass!

I was much younger, hanging out with

I was much younger, hanging out with a bunch of girls that were friends. I can't remember who they were or from what time of my life specifically. There was this blond guy that they were all fawning over. I didn't really talk to him. The next thing I know, I'm in a tiny room with him. The only things in the room are a small table and rock. The rock was oblong and had sunglasses it. The sunglasses were made out of that plastic color form removable sticker stuff like we had when we were kids. I pulled off the sunglasses and I love you Carolyn was painted on the rock. I didn't say anything. I walked out of the room. The room opened up into a giant operational lumber mill. A woman was holding a giant push broom. I approached her. It was Katie Holmes. I asked what she was doing there. She said that they let her stay in one of the little rooms if she swept up all of the sawdust.