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I was in my old Church gym

I was in my old Church gym with people from one of my favourite shows. I was teamed up with Erza, one of the main characters, and we were to fight everyone to prove strength. It was madness, but I was strangely excited and sought out opponents. Each person used magic and I was a fire user. I rode on a skateboard on my stomach, attempting to set someone on fire. To my horror, my magic was super weak for some unknown reason and it was all I could do to use my fire magic to shoot away. I attempted to fight several times, each ending in the same way. Suddenly Erza and I were alone in a forest. The game had changed and we had three rules to follow.

I was sitting in this huge house

I was sitting in this huge house with my family calm environment having a party, I was with a man who apparently I was married to but I couldn't make out his face but we were in love, I then looked outside the window and looking over the ocean there was this huge bridge that had collapsed in the middle and one part was sinking and the other part was still standing and it was madness people were going crazy but then everyone was calm and the water from the ocean was being drained, then I went to the gym with my sister and couldn't workout but really wanted to just couldn't find the strength then I woke up

My dream was a version of Frankenstein

My dream was a version of Frankenstein we watched during class the previous day. I dreamt of the madness of Victor Frakenstein and his accomplice Professor Krempe. During their studies of the creation of the monster, an Ape arm was used to test the ability of reanimation and electricity (impulses). For whatever reason the Professor decided that it was a good idea to slip the arm of the ape onto his own arm. Unfortunatly, the arm started taking over the Professors body, he was turning into a blood thirsty ape killer. It was Victors task to kill the professor. Using a knife he threw it straight at the professor/ape into his heart. The Professor slid down a brick wall, pulled the knife out of his heart. He then proceeded to pry open the hole the knife was in and started pulling out his entrails, and naming them as he went along, Pericardial sac, amniotic fluid and placenta.

I, my boyfriend together with the other

I, my boyfriend together with the other woman living in the same house. I saw my boyfriend changed clothes at the room of the other woman instead in our room. I was so mad at him but when I asked him " why did you changed clothes in that room" he approached me first with madness.

My fiance lit a candle and I

My fiance lit a candle and I quickly blew it out and tipped it over spilling wax all over her. I then had a vision in my dream about a doctor with a giant rubber penis and balls in his hand poking a girl with it. She tried to get out of the doctors office and when she left the room she still had the chair stuck to her back. She waddled to the end of the waiting area then stopped and turned around. She turned her head and a black line as if her neck was severed started on one end to the other. As she turned her head to about her shoulder it fell off to that side just hanging by the spinal column. Everyone in the waiting area was watching and after that happened to her it happened to everyone in the waiting area simultaneously. The doctor was watching from his door and laughing. This ended the vision in my dream however I knew this candle was cursed and that the same would happen to my fiance. I took her home and tried to help her before it happened. A car pulled up and I opened my garage to see to men pulling a girl who was passed out from their car. They asked for help and I denied them as I didn't want the curse to spread and I was already to occupied with my fiance. They tried to come in the garage and I shut the door on them just to close it moments before the girls neck as they tried to shove her underneath before it closed. I reopened the garage door and explained apologetically that I couldn't help and they needed to take her somewhere else. I went back inside and tried to take my fiance to the washing machine. She fought with me as if in a madness, I held her from behind and tried to take her shirt off. For some reason I figured if I washed her shirt (maybe from the wax that got on it in the beginning though there was none now) it could clean the curse. I put detergent and started the wash and as I held her from behind she turned her head to look at me and her neck severed allowing her head to fall to her shoulder hanging by the spinal column. This is where I awoke very scared. In all of the dream I didn't really make out seeing a spinal column and there was never blood it is just the best I could describe about how the heads didn't fall off just hung to the side.