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Well, for some reason i feel this

Well, for some reason i feel this dream is part two of a previous dream i had many months ago, without any information on the previous i will continue to start from the begining of the most recent. I am at my mothers house sitting on the floor (on my knees) at the centre of the living room writing lyrics on a table the sun rays are shining through the window to my right, i acknowledge it and as i do, (sitting on the sofa, in front/ just below of the window) is the man (i believe i am in love with) sitting on the sofa. However the second i notice/recognise him i swiftly swipe up my papers in my hand and say "i cant do this anymore" and breifly run upstairs and then head to the front door. (which all previous experience of dreams that i partly remember, or contiously try to analyse, i am never able to do with ease, i.e, i struggle to control my movements, if i want to run or say something i usually am unable or lack the control that comes with the intent). The next moment i am running fast down a wide, open path in woodlands/forest, its night time, so dark but so bright? Im meaningfully 'running' through an 'army' of people walking in the opposite direction, i look behind over my left shoulder and there he is in the mist of people, walking in the same direction oblivious to everyone around him, looking back at me... seriously... not smiling, crying, not signalling for me to stop etc... just nuetral expression almost. I continue to 'run'... although by the time i turn my head back around to face the direction im 'running'... i arrive at a beach... as i arrive the beach is sort of to my left... i dont step onto the beach, i levetate, at this moment i take in all the beauty, theres almost a sense of peace and calm but excitement/impatience and i notice others are present... whilst 'noticing others' are so close on the beach i am prominently above the sand floating, no-one has noticed me, moving towards the sea. At the sea shore... i am looking in to the ripples/colour/ movement of the waves... the sound the feeling... i had no reflection but the moon did... it takes my attention from the reflection to look up, just as i do, i look back over my left shoulder once more to see, the man i believe i love has caught up, on the perimeter of the path,'steps' onto the beach and is still looking at me. no words, no action. i wake up.