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I was this giant man looked kinda

I was this giant man looked kinda like a Native American anyway I killed tones of people some of which were innocent (not good) anyway so I then had to sit trial but when I sat trial I became me again and I had to explain to people that it wasn't me but that this had happened before someone had tried to frame me and this was happening again now. But the people sat behind me had lost their father to this man so wanted justice. I was declared innocent but had to be watched in case I turned back into this man. Anyway these guys weren't happy with that so they tried to kill me with snakes but I caught them and then I woke up!

I was very fond of a person

I was very fond of a person who has played an important part in my life. We are no more and it has been 2 years since I tried to cut off links with this person. I dream frequently about going to this person's native place which is a beautiful place, act all touristy but in reality I am hoping to meet this person. I am always with my confidant, my best friend. The place which i dream of is seldom bearing resemblance to the actual place, most often the place where this person lives is up a hill and I remember the journey to his residence as the most vivid part of the dream. I am happy about the prospects of meeting him. But never in any dream have I met him. The dream ends with my disappointment and my journey back, the vacation ending.

Last night I dreamt I was witness

Last night I dreamt I was witness to my family's history in America from pre-revolutionary times until the present. I saw my ancestors interacting with Native Americans and teaching them how to understand English. I saw buildings sprout from the earth that had been underwater only seconds before. As the time periods changed, buildings disappeared and new ones appeared in their places while the people around me appeared in clothes appropriate to the period. Just before I awoke, another group of buildings was emerging just as everything was being covered with earth. I escaped by riding on the cupola of the tallest building. It wasn't until then I realized I was bring observed by a group of people who existed outside what was going on, just as I had been observing the action in my dream.

I was walking down the street to

I was walking down the street to my house and then i found my ex boyfriend and we talked and then he kissed me. I felt weird about it so i left, afterwards i found my boyfriend and we made our way to town. Once there we sat down and playfully teased eachother, then a Native American woman came and began beating my boyfriend and broke his foot. I cried for help as this woman ran away. A shop owner began calling the cops but that woman from before came back and sliced my hand open with her knife. Then she looked at my stomach which seemes alot bigger than usual. I then put my hands on my stomach and my boyfriend screamed "Save the baby!" and the woman lunged for my what seemed to be pregnant stomach and stabbed me. I woke uo because i was too scared