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in a room with two people. One

in a room with two people. One is a cat women, and the other is a man. the man tells me that there is a boy who wants to kill me with a knife. then he tells me that I should sleep in the other room with the cat women. She becomes a cat and curls up on the back of a reclining chair. I see children sleeping on the floor. I am scared after the warning and hide behind the chair and unlatch the lock on the window. I see the door open and jump out the window onto the city street. I then run to my school, where I go to Spanish class. I see my teachers messy room and suspect the boy is behind a stack of paper waiting to kill me. I run out into the crowded hall way and he follows me. Over the announcements the principle says that there is a killer loose in the school. No one seems upset by this. I see him gaining on me and I see my Spanish 2 teacher. she pulls me into her room and says I need to be careful. I go out into the hallway and see sean and Alex love holding hands in the middle of the stairwell. Alex tells me that it is too dangerous for Sean to be there. I call my mom and ask her to pick me up. She cannot because she is busy even though there is a killer in my school. I go downstairs to the cafeteria where Brandon tells me I need to let loose and party with the other kids. I see my English teacher and she tells me to join the other kids. I turn around and see Brandon and Adam dancing on a table together. A cute boy then asks me to a party after school at 3. I say I have to ask my mom. He holds my hand and walks me to my moms car. We pass Alex and Sean still holding hands as they leave the building. I get in the car. My mom drives backwards to the tennis courts. I change into my tennis clothes and realize I forgot a bra. the cheerleaders laugh at me. then I find it in the car. I go play with my sister on the messed up tennis courts. The nets are facing the wrong ways. The cheerleaders start taunting me. I throw an ball at the ring leader who is on top of the pyramid. she falls to the ground and melts along with the other cheerleaders. I remember the party and tell my mom its time to take me.

I was hiking up this mountain with

I was hiking up this mountain with a group of people. Of which I recognized one face that of my fiancee and few others were close friends. As we were hiking looking up at the sky there were multiple moons and some planets. We hiked for however long then finally came to the top, and standing there in the landing area we were app looking up at the sky in awe, utter amazement. I remember feeling excitement, joy and happiness. Also I remember some how within my dream we counted 9 moons and 7 planets, one had to be jupiter because it had rings on it and the stars. Oh man they were so bright, the brightest I've ever seen

guidance and local information.What is People First?

guidance and local information.What is People First? Middle school students, vice provost for University and Community Partnerships at Drexel, “After-school and summer programming for middle-school youth can keep them connected to their communities and can help build their commitment to their own future Our vision is that Mantua in Actionwill help inspire and engage young people in this neighborhood and transform Mantua into a community of opportunity”One part of Mantua in Action is the Mantua Theater Project’s “Playmaking” program run by Drexel Theater Professor Nick Anselmo The program is an official replication of the New York’s 52nd Street Project and teaches students the basic tenets of playwriting and then pairs them with a professional playwright to write their own eight to ten page play? and appreciation for, and top-ranked sports teams offer endless opportunities for intellectual enrichment and personal funfrom Independence Hall and the Franklin Institute to Reading Terminal and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. from the top of her pretty loc-covered head to the soles of her little feet, which also featured the story, This session will cover the human dynamics at work in the boardroom, (Half-day session)Day 2: May 14. Canada Goose Mystique Parka

My family and I were all in

My family and I were all in our house, and I went into the kitchen, then I heard fluttering and chirping. I opened one of the cabinets, and I grabbed a medicine bottle. The bottle had a small bird inside. After I took it out, it turned into a cat. Then, finally, a child. The child had black hair, one eye that was a strange color - red and yellow - and the other eye was normal, but I can't remember the color. When I first saw her, I knew that I met her years ago, in the dream, but I forgot what I named her then. The first name that came to me was Nix, or Nyx, I don't know which spelling. I then remembered the name Aurora. Then we all heard noises outside, and we all ran out the back door. We were being attacked. My aunt asked while we were running, "why are we running?" My mother said that we'll see. There was a forest and people in front of us. It was safety, I guess, but before we could go in we had to go by two people, and bow twice. My aunt was allowed in, but I wasn't. They said that the child that I named Aurora was the dark ones love reincarnated, and that I had to leave her outside. I wasn't going to leave her, so I stayed outside in the cold with Aurora.

fireballs raining from the sky i am

fireballs raining from the sky i am fleeing with my 2 girls in my suv trying to escape i run through a work cabinetry building running over hundreds of new kitchen cabinets i get back home and the fireballs stop briefly i am scrambleing to get food and fishing gear in the car before the fireballs come back and i discovered a hidden portal in my driveway my husband shows back up from his birthday dinner i was still mad at him for going without me i told him about the portal he is looking for it i find a stranger in my home when i returned telling him to get out i was calling thepolice and he goes into the front yard as me and the girls are getting in the car accuseing me of some kind of hidden plan or secret puts a shotgun to his mouth i yell i really am not keepin anything suddenly he is gone and the fireballs start again

I was in the city of my

I was in the city of my state Missouri. I was jumproping with my friends. We all heard a buzz and the sky became dark. We were outside and everyone around the earth was brought up like magnets by pins and sent to a new earth. When we got there we wached as they blew the old earth up. They put us in different rooms around the new earth and separated the white from black and adults from children. I then woke up fixing my clothing and woke again on the old earth.