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Dreamed I went on a trip by

Dreamed I went on a trip by myself and kept losing things: my wallet, my luggage, my clothes. I would keep thinking I had everything and then leaving and then turning around when I was almost home. Everything got stolen out of my wallet at one point and I never had any idea where I was parked. I kept screaming and crying and my friends would try and help me but it was so frustrating because it would never end. Earlier I had a dream that dad was trying to get rid of "bee men" (men that look like bees or man-sized bees?) in the attic and kept asking me to open the door. That one was terrifying. I woke with a start at about 6 in the morning. And I kept waking up thinking I had lost something, thinking it was all real. I kept getting lost and I kept losing things and I couldn't escape whatever resort or theme park I was at, the location kept changing.

It was about Jackie's sister. KC. She's

It was about Jackie's sister. KC. She's dead. But we were where they used to live. Except it was falling apart. I remember the walls the best. There was holes in them and they were damp and peeling. But she went and sat in the corner by the old mirror. And she looked almost like threw me and said "It never ends Chance and your birthday is coming" and then jumped out the window and I ran over and she was just laying on the sidewalk. Then she smiled up at me and died.

Had a dream last night. Started by

Had a dream last night. Started by going with friends (unknown) on a bus to a city to some event. Got split up with them and ended up walking 18 miles down a road at night. Finally made it to some camp, but didn't want to go inside. Fell asleep on top of a big tree. When I woke in the morning, I was laying in what appeared to be a nest. As I looked around, I realized I was being watched by a bunch of birds that were the same color as the leaves. These birds are unlike any other that I have ever seen before. They had a flat shape with flat beaks and never made a sound, just stared at you. I cautiously got down from the tree and looked around wondering where I was. I saw a small pond down the hill and a little girl standing there. I went to her and asked where I was. She didn't answer me, but invited me into the camp. I went in with her and the small camp seemed to turn into a never ending maze of rooms. In one bedroom, she told me that this is where an old man and woman both died in there sleep. At that moment, I was back outside by myself. As I looked around again, I realized I was seeing those same birds again everywhere, except that they weren't all green. They were hidden by what they were on by being the same color as that item. The birds in the tree were green, ones on the fence were brown, on the roof were black, flying around were blue, and on the birch tree were white. Where ever they were, they were the same color. Always quiet and staring, they were every where and the more I started realizing what to look for to find them, the more I saw. Almost felt like I was being over run by them, but never felt afraid. This is where the dream ends.


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