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I have been having similar dreams the

I have been having similar dreams the past week I am 6 1/2 months pregnant if it helps but my dreams have all involved me getting hurt the first one I remember is a dog bit me on the forearm but he only had half of his teeth and one canine the next one I don't remember well but it involved my dog getting lost or dying. Then the third one I got shot 3 times in the back of the head but it didn't kill me even though it was through my skull and bleeding a lot and when I was on the operation the operating table to see if they could save me it seemed like my significant other didn't care that much when in real life he'd be freaking out , the last one I remember was my mother stabbing a thick syringe into my left breast right into the nipple and pulling out a syringe full of the fluids in there and not even caring. If someone could help me understand why I'm having these it would be very helpful

I had a dream that I had

I had a dream that I had an ingrown hair on my nipple, it popped a small ball of hair but was still attached by lots of thin hairs, which were still attached

I had a dream where my friends

I had a dream where my friends and I went out and got nipple piercings and we weren't allowed to. People were hugging us and it was hurting us to be hugged. People were suspicious of why it hurt to be hugged. One boy figured it out that we had got piercings