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Myself, my girlfriend, our children and her

Myself, my girlfriend, our children and her ex husband were in their old house. The roof was on fire and we nonchalantly got the kids together to get out of the house

I dreampt about a military man riding

I dreampt about a military man riding a horse to my old house of my childhood asking me if I had seen any ghosts. Before he walked in, his horse had to vomit and all that came out were flies.

It was always in black and white,

It was always in black and white, and always in the same really old house. I would be standing in the entry way looking up the stairs, and as I started going up the stairs would creak really loudly which scared me so I would go up faster. The upstairs of the house was really empty and dirty, and as I looked through each room I kept hearing creepy noises coming from the basement. One of the rooms upstairs had an empty baby cradle in it. I go back downstairs and look through the kitchen and see that it looks like someone lives in the house. At this point I try and leave the house but I can’t get out. I hear the noise from the basement again and this time it sounds like a man saying my name, so I go and look. I get to the basement and see a guy that I know down there, and he says my name again but his voice is different. He started running towards me so I panicked and ran back upstairs and try to get out of the house again but I can’t get out, and he catches me and as he grabs my arm I wake up.

I was back home, in a dark

I was back home, in a dark house. The basement door swung open with force and through the darkness, a male figure emerged wearing overalls. The person was invisible and came up to me and embraced me. I was apprehensive and yet the presence seemed familiar. I think I was in my mother's, mother's house. It as an old house, full of the past.

In real life, my ex and I

In real life, my ex and I broke up. And I'm one of Jehovah's Witnesses. In my dream, I was at an assembly of Jehovah's Witnesses, in the old building we use to go to years ago and my ex was there and we was still in a relationship. Later, we went home, but it was my old house that I sold and my ex was there too. And he was shirtless like he lived there with my parents and myself. I'm trying chicken wings and fried oreos and he comes to me the get some food and I punched him and he felt real although I know we are broken up outside the dream.

I’m in an old house with my

I’m in an old house with my boyfriend. He’s asleep on the couch and these cats keep coming in. I’m trying to get them out of the house and they are biting me. I try to wake him up to tell him and there is a woman on the couch with him.

I was around the age of 6

I was around the age of 6 and in my old house in Brooke’s, I think that’s the town name. The house was decently large. My own room was quite big. In the dream, none of the lights inside were on it was very dark in fact and what I could see was either grayscaled or extremely dull in color. Of what I can remember I was running in my dream. In the dream itself, I didn't know what from. It starts in the kitchen from where I run up the stairs and into my dead-end room where I duck behind/or under my bed. For some reason I started eating beef jerky, I don’t know how it appeared or where I got it from but I was eating it. Then I vividly remember a floating skull with a red glowing outline come into my room, I believe that’s what I was running from, it said “I know you’re in here… I can smell the jerky.” and then I woke up.

I have this nightmare once a week,

I have this nightmare once a week, and me and my sports team are hiding in the attic of a run down old house because we have an intruder downstairs(someone i know) and this moment occurs where she knows we are up there and she drags a knife against the ceiling of where we are.