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Wearing pajamas in public and also standing

Wearing pajamas in public and also standing by my class sponsor. Then she gave me the responsibility of taking pictures to which I asked, "do you want me to go get dressed?" And she replied with "oh yes". So I ran home and see vehicles parking in our parking lots. Family members were getting out of one car while the other was my dad's truck. Which had four boxes of pizza on the back of it. My family members started to greet eachother and then they went inside. I go inside to and the dinner table is set with plates with individual slices of pizza on each one. My mom then said something about how since I'm here I can join. I then said "no, no. I'm working concessions tonight.".

So in my dream my mom said

So in my dream my mom said that I needed to wait until I'm seventeen to get my license because then I'll have enough driving experience. And she got me an old beat up ford wth two license plates. And then there was this necklace that this lady called me about and said that I had to hide from my parents. And so I did. Then the lady told my sister she had to download this thing on her computer so the lady could listen to her. And I had this brown bunny that was sniffing for things trying to find the necklace. But the lady said that they used the bunny's own hair to confuse it. Then my dad came in and offered me some food but I said no. Then I pulled my mom aside and told her that annelise's computer is tapped and she made me go through and take the bad stuff off. And then I told the lady I couldn't help her anymore and I showed my parents where the necklace was.

I had a dream that my crush

I had a dream that my crush was my boyfriend and he gave me delicious green and blue frosted cookies shaped like hearts and leaves in a ziploc bag. Then we went to someone's house, I'm not sure whose house it was but then we watched The Unbkeakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netfix. I fell asleep and he woke me up. This next part of my dream doesn't really make sense, but I went to this medicine store every week. And each time I went, I contemplated about whether or not I should get this pill that makes you pregnant. Part of me really wanted to take it but then I knew that my family wouldn't be too happy about it. Then I thought about just lying to them by saying that I took it on accident. Eventually I took the pill and I felt really nervous about it, and I was hoping it wouldn't work. Weeks went by and I started to notice I was getting a baby bump. Sadly, that is when I woke up.

my mom had cooked a bunch of

my mom had cooked a bunch of food but didn't want to share any of it. When I told her that my brother and I had been eating some she got really upset and said it was supposed to be for her. I got mad and told her she was being selfish. We started fighting and I took away her plate of food, just to be mean. A while later I gave it to her and she said she forgave me but that she wasn't going to apologize to me. I told her she owed me an apology but she still insisted she didn't. We then started talking about her past jobs when she was younger and how hard she worked to get to where she is today. Her old boss then appeared and started beating her. My brother and I got very upset and began shielding her from the beatings.

Weird dream I'm stuck in 1950's America with

Weird dream I'm stuck in 1950's America with a band of well-dressed misfit college students. The group roams the dry, desolate earth during what seems to be the end of the world. We're staying at an abandoned gas station with a broken down car wash and an old barn/church building. Time lapse I'm with the young ladies of the church/barn at a youth meeting and I feel my stomach rumble. Because of this the older lady leading the group made me do what she called a pregnancy test in front of everyone. This involved taking a bottle of my urine and pouring it over a piece of sliced ham and adding chemicals. I remember thinking "I don't need to worry about hiding anything in front of them, this is a place I can be honest". Time lapse Of course, like any weird plot, I am pregnant but this youth leader in all of her "medical wisdom" says I'm too weak physically to have the child. The solution she came up with was to take it out and put in in my dad (who was somehow there) for the remainder of gestation and then cut it out of him. Time lapse So we try this procedure and my dad is pregnant with my (and heaven knows who's) child. Time lapse Somehow (I'm assuming something went wrong with the leader's terrible medical plan) I'm the one who's pregnant again. Time lapse Though I can't remember seeing the actual event, I'm crying because I lost the baby because my body was too weak to handle it. Time lapse I'm sitting on the curb of the gas station playing with the dry dirt under my feet and contemplate going into the barn and being with people or staying where I am alone with my emotions, hoping someone will reach out and be with me Alarm clock goes off and ends the dream


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