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I wind up in this hotel like

I wind up in this hotel like hospital space. The hotel rooms are huge, but it reminds me of being like patients in a hospital. There are long sheer curtains dividing all of the room, which allows for some privacy, but not enough to feel completely safe and secure, say if I was to spend the night. My cousin Jaylon is with me and I am trying to raise him it seems like. He goes to some public stalls and uses the bathroom and I just want to make sure he knows his way back to our hotel room. The rooms are not very distinct in appearance so he could easily walk into someone else room.

I was in a golf cart at

I was in a golf cart at the army base to see a friend as we pull up to the bericks the drill Sargent had recruites out side doing exercises naked guys and girls then they started to do yoga I didn't see my friend so I wasn't into the bericks it was set up like a frat house rooms up satires kitchen in the middle and commen area at the bottom I couldn't find my friend so I asked where he was they said under the stair well I open the door to the stair well and there he was so I asked him what he was doing he said that under the stair well was the only place he could get privacy then someone came and took my golf cart and said they no longer slow golf carts as of yesterday then I woke up