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I walk through a land of rainbows

I walk through a land of rainbows and sunshine a gorgeous white unicorn with stunning blue eyes walks up to me. As it as it gets closer the world starts to get darker and darker. The unicorn changes from white to black and eyes turned blood red. I can see darkness coming from the horn of the unicorn spreading through the rest of the world. My hands start to glow bright yellow. They bright up a small area around me like it's a shield protecting me from the darkness. The unicorn shoots a beam from the horn at me making me fly a few yards back. The light from my hands start to die down until there is no light at all. All I see is the unicorn charging at me. As its horn goes through my chest I wake up.

I was molested by a vampire who

I was molested by a vampire who turned out to be my martial art teachers son. The vampire bit my hand and two lights came out of the bite marks,a rainbow and a yellow light. Then my aunt became pregnant out of no where. I tried to tell her Wat happened to me but I broke down crying. Then I went home and saw my nephew but I knew that he wasn't supposed to be there at the moment. Then the vampire who bit me had his friends chase me. At this point I'm no longer at my house I'm at my old boarding school. They catch me. I keep on trying to run away but they always catch me. Then I becom a white person ( not trying to sound racist) but the thing is my conscious isn't in her body. It's like I'm watching a movie. I watch her try to run, but she gives up and starts falling in love with the vampire.she tries to fight how she feels but she can't. She tries to run away one last time but fails. The other vampires try to convince her that she needs to except Wat happened to her but she won't. Then the vampire who molested her tries to convince her to stay but she is like " u molested me!!!!" At the end she gets of a oxen cart and is walking in snow with a hood covering her head. When I woke up I was horrified because I thought it was real Pleas help

I was in a store that I

I was in a store that I recognized, even though it only existed in my dream. I was looking at a room with a chair in it, and the walls and a random woman's face turned rainbow colors and were swirling. Then, I woke up.

I was a slave and I broke

I was a slave and I broke free. People were trying to kill me. I was running through the brush and happened upon a snake it was black and brown. I stepped on it's tail and it began to eat itself. I ran a bit more and came upon a field of flowers, all different colors, like the rainbow except they weren't planted and the ground was harvested with no seeds. ???