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I was walking in a field and

I was walking in a field and looked around and saw strange figures coming towards me slowly surrounding me trying to make me one of them but i wouldn't i prayed to make it stop and as i did i dropped to the ground to hide. i looked up into my grandparents window and saw my grandpa in his chair with his feet up. he began the shake and the disappeared. Just as he did i felt myself get lifted up like i was going to heaven and i felt amazing like i was getting rewarded for not falling into the evil. then all of a sudden i began to fall. I fell for a long time and then landed back in the same field. I was able to jump really far so i jumped over all the creatures and landed on my grandparents porch. I ran inside, locked all the doors and windows and then waited watching out the windows. I began to see my 2 cousins walking by the house because evil creatures had gotten to their house so i called for them to come in but they were like, "No! we have to keep moving!" so i went outside and ran with them. As i was running I ran into my friend Emily and she asked what was going on so i took her and we jumped to the very top of a tree and i showed her all of the evil things closing in and exactly what happened to me and we just sat there waiting and i kept asking her when it was going to stop.