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I dreamed that fire balls where falling

I dreamed that fire balls where falling down and i was walking in ruins and i see a girl named abigail from far i turn around and my mom gives me a golden coin

Basically it was an apocalypse, I was

Basically it was an apocalypse, I was in my room, and then, in a flash of things we were in an apocalypse and everyone had a never before seen unexplained virus, the buildings/the landscape were destroyed in a nuke destruction type of manner like a crater,and then very few ruins of things that collapsed by themselves shortly after so everyone was running around not knowing what happened, all of a sudden, we were in a survival enviroment, people were killing eachother and some fell into lava, then in a flash we were in a small refugee with whatever was left of the human race ,the virus started acting, people had weird marks in their skin, and weird conditions, some of them had some weird crystals coming out of their skin only to be consumed by them, this was happening to me in the dream but i didn't die, it left in a cliffhanger Then came the chain/2nd dream, in a flash, I was reunited with super old friends from way back, all signs of disease were gone, we were apparently "Training" for something,I had no idea what was going on so i just saw everyone doing running, doing cardio and such , then once again, in a flash and we were apparently facing the "Boss",then I was reminded of the disease and the tense feeling came back again, , I hadn't heard any of this but everyone around me appeared to know what was going on perfectly, somehow i figured it out on a whim and everyone started attacking the monster, and then he was apparently dead, and we were suddenly back on the crater/apocalypse place with all the things fallen down, then everyone was unusually happy laughing kind of in a creepy way... then I woke up.

Whenever I sleep I always find myself

Whenever I sleep I always find myself in New York City except it's in ruins and fires are roaing everywhere. A huge crater is in the middle of the city and there is death everywhere along with American jets and helicopters flying over the horizon. Are my dreams trying to tell me something.