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Last night, I had a dream and

Last night, I had a dream and I was with two other persons and we were at a place like an office environment not a place I am familiar with. Then a man came to lead us to another place and they called him Prof. Then he took us into this lift and we stood with our head is something fixed a compartment of the lift as part of the lift design took the lift took off and our head turned downward with so much speed and but when we approach the destination our head were up again and our feet back and were pass through an a very big ocean. When we were arriving, we drop like landing from a parashot and prof. walked away and in search for him I met a woman who said I should wait for a room to be free for her to prepare for me to settle but I could not locate the other persons I came with nor prof. although I saw a lot of people at the place either waiting or chatting on their phones and I was there to work for three weeks so I ask the lady whether there wasn’t alternative transport except for only that lift connecting the two places and she said yes. I took over an organisation where some of the staff do not comply to rule and regulation and always undermining authority. I also have pressure to secure a partnership for my work and the institution i have contacted is very slow in concluding the deal

Okay so we were in school and

Okay so we were in school and my friend Cynthia and this popular dude. So we were casing her down the hallway and into Mrs. gonzales room but it was like at noon. So we went inside and got a pizza and then some how he asked me out and I said yes, So the. We told her and she freaked out and we holded hands but then it wasn't Cynthia anymore it was my other friend call Alyssa which I this she hid the pizza under her hoddie. He placed his head againts mine and I felt his fluffy hair. So then the settings change and we were in the lunch line holding has and my ex saw and got jealous.

So the dream starts out with me

So the dream starts out with me and my group of friends in some sort of hotel/apartment thing. My ex gf is also there who is part of our friend group (we both still have some feelings for each other). As I'm walking through the apartment/hotel room a kid who I don't know walks by telling me him and my ex gf are going downstairs so I'm like why not I'll come. We come to an elevator, but while we are waiting I notice something strange start to happen to my ex gf. She started to morph into a girl version of her ex bf before me who was a real douche bag, which understandably freaked me out a little bit. The dream then transferred to all of us on the elevator. FYI- me and 8 of my friends got stuck in an elevator at the Tropicana hotel in Atlantic City for 2 hours a week or 2 prior. Everybody seemed to know the deal, as if the elevator was going to drop. We all counted down 1, 2, 3, jump and we all jumped as the elevator plummeted down. When I jumped I also held onto a metal bar that was above me which kept me secure. Falling in the elevator created a huge sensation of adrenaline, like being on a rollercoster, but I was not scared just more of a rush. Somehow the elevator shot out of the shaft that it was falling and we hit the ground in a parking lot. After bouncing a couple times and a few big thuds we landed safely in a movie theater parking lot by my house. It was just me and my ex gf now and we walked off as if nothing happened. She then asked me if I wanted to go to some bullying seminar with her, I then said yes, all you had to do was ask and we started walking together. Everything I look up tells me that falling and descending elevators are negative dream symbols although the dream didn't end negatively and I was not scared during the free fall as if I knew already what to do. Any insight to the meaning s of these dream symbols would be greatly appreciated and if any more background knowledge is needed I'm happy to oblige.

It all started with me standing on

It all started with me standing on an empty beach, toes in the sand and staring and listening to the wave’s crash at my feet. It was quiet, and still, there was this feeling of serenity that had washed over me and I suddenly had nothing in my head. I had no stresses, no worries, no negative thoughts, nothing. Just me standing on the beach with no one around, and the consistently crashing waves. At the time I had no idea what this feel8ing meant but I wanted to keep it for as long as I could. It wasn’t until I heard my name being called that I turned and realized I wasn’t alone, that feeling was gone. As I frantically looked to see who had interrupted this very serine moment I was having, I realized it was this man. This man was tall, barefoot, extremely handsome and jogging towards me. As he approached me I knew who he was immediately, my now husband. He looked different though, almost glowing or like glistening. His smile seemed happier than normal like this was the best day of his life. He looked like a little kid on Christmas. As I asked him, “Kyle? What are we doing here? Where are we?” he responded with something along the lines of, “I have something to ask you”. It then clicked… I looked down and realized he was getting down on one knee…. He spoke of something I’m sure was extremely romantic and made me cry like a baby. He placed this amazing ring on my finger that glistened and shined so bright in the sun. As I said yes, he picked me up and held me in his arms where I again felt that calm, serenity feeling of what I know knew to be utter happiness. I of course don’t remember much more of this dream, but this dream has happened once before we were even engaged and then once since we’ve been married.

I was in a bank, I had

I was in a bank, I had a check in my hand for 347$, I almost was returning a bunch of things to the bank. She Teller was counting seven white cell phones, One was cracked, she said she wouldn't make me pay for it, but she would make my boss pay for it. I turned around and looked and there was a casino attached to the bank.. I turned to her and said, wow that was a good idea to put a bank and casino together she responded by saying she would own one soon too, the lady was very monotone about everything she said. I turned to a child and said that's okay for a days pay, he said yes, do you want to see a picture of my friend, it was a name of someone I didn't like. All of the sudden I was in a new house, I felt uncomfortable, when he pulled out the picture it was of three little blonde children that I didn't know and then all of the sudden I was in the street in the middle of nowhere.

I was floating around an then I

I was floating around an then I saw my brother . I ask where I was he said I died . I said oh no I'm dead he said yes they need u to go back . I said go back . he's alive . what does this mean

I'm at my mum's house and a

I'm at my mum's house and a girl(whose face I didn't bother to notice) was with me and we went back into the woods behind the house. We enter an old dilapidated mansion that, in my dream, I recognized from a previous dream. We are looking for something and come across these ghost children, whom beckon us to follow them. The house seemed familiar that I had dreamed about it before, except that they showed me a passage that I realized I hadn't noticed before. We enter the passage and it looks like concrete and the cylinder poles that you see in school hallways, and there are stairs going up and down. The children beckon us down and we go down the stairs into this large room that has debris from the ceiling everywhere. There is a very tall man sleeping on a chair with his feet perched on an ottoman. I realize that if he wakes I am unprepared to fight him. The girl and I run and he wakes. I hear him starting to follow us. Then we find ourselves back in my mum's house. Then, we decide to go back to the mansion, this time there is no man. But we come across three people. One man in a blue uniform, one man in a green uniform and a lady in a beige dress, curled short hair and a hat. I assumed in my dreAm they were from some war. They were looking for a treasure. In my dream I knew what treasure they were looking for because in a previous dream I remember where someone had it hidden. They didn't like our presence. They started shooting at us and we ran into a nearby trench before heading to my mum's house. I had a feeling I knew what they wanted and we (the girl and I) went back. They caught us and becAme friendly, I realized they were ghosts, so I I had the girl I was with take pictures of me with them, becAuse I knew no one would believe me. In the first picture she took, no one was there. Obviously, I thought, in dream because they're ghosts. Then the second picture had the man in the blue uniform with his arm around me and the man in the green uniform and the lady in the beige dress behind me. We then are in a different room. A dilapidated room with a bed and a dresser. I asked them, if they wanted to record a message to to their families? BecAuse I knew they were ghosts and I could find their families and play it for them. The lady declined and the man in the green uniform said "No, I will see them when they reach the other side". The man in the blue said yes. He said He had a message and wanted his family to know. While this was happening I was thinking, in dream, of the treasure they were searching for. Then I awoke

Night before I was talking to Zachary

Night before I was talking to Zachary Smith and he kept telling me how gorgeous I was and stuff (like he always does.) I just ingored him to go to bed. The next day, it was a half day at school. I got to school and nobody knew what blocks we were going to go to today. My locker was closer to one of my friends thats a guy named Tucker. I asked him if everything was going good for him today and he said "No because I have to figure something out." I asked what it was and he said "I have to figure out how to ask Elizabeth out today but I don't know what blocks we are going to today." I looked at him surprised with my hands around my mouth and I asked if it was me then he said yeah. I immediately hugged him and said yes. I hugged him for a few minutes and felt so happy that I could start crying. The announcements came on and they told us what blocks we were going to today and we just stood there for a couple more minutes then we stopped hugging and then we both said we would see each other later. Miranda watched the whole thing and got all excited. I told Zachary that he had to stop talking to me and telling me that I'm gorgeous cause I was dating Tucker and he opened my message and never said anything to me again.

Tell me the meaning of this dream....I

Tell me the meaning of this dream....I dreamt that my boyfriend ask me if have money, I said yes cause I pulled a draw and saw that i had lots of money, my boyfriend then left but I realised he for got his key but the key wasn't for the house in which he was going the Key was marked Apt 503, Explain what this dream means

I heard 2 knock at the door

I heard 2 knock at the door at this point I was woke, so I laid there waiting on someone to come in no one did.. I started to drift off to sleep but something wore heavy on me to check the door so I got up and opened the door no one was there so I locked it and laid back down. As I started to drifted off I could see my cousin Roy, who is very much alive to date laying in a funeral home. All of the family and loved ones were at the service accept my sister Lana as my Brother and I approached the casket to tell him that we love and will miss him then returned to our seats. the next thing we know it was nolonger Roy Laying there it was Grandma Ada. She sat up and took a deep breath, then streatched her body as though she had been sleep and started to crawl over to me and my Brother. She the stood up and put her hands on my Brother`s cheeks and began to whisper all that I could understand was Evil. She the proceeded to crawl to me she turned and looked at me and knodded her head and tghen she said to us where is Sissy. That is my sister`s knickname. She then crawled back and laid back down. Then my best friend Erica Tapp appeared, she is very much alive to date but in my dream she was dead rose up from the casket and said , " well I guess God is not ready for me yet, lets go". We began to walk and as we reached the outside of the funeral home she asked me did you hear that and I said what. we began to walk a little further and then she ask me again do you hear that and I said yes. She then looked at me and said " well I guess God is ready for me". we could hear the trumpets blowing. we hugged and told each other I LoveYou, she then turned and walked back into the funeral home. The funeral home was very beautiful it was made of stone blocks and cast iron fencing.