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I was pregnant but don't know who's

I was pregnant but don't know who's child is that and my family came to know about my pregnancy and we went to a trip and I saw lion there like it was a lion safari

I was standing on bus stand on

I was standing on bus stand on revealing black outfit and i saw a strange men who dressed up decently grabbed my hand and forced me to go in a room attached with kitchen another men was standing on a kitchen seeing he grabbed me he see me and said one who grab my hand was a conductor and he is rich and bad guy he used to rape girls after hearing that i try to escape and he give me bunch of bangles and tell me to throw one of the bangle if it broke he do whatever he want to do with me if it not broke i can leave so i choose a thick Bangle so it not broke unfortunately thick bangle broke and he suddenly kissed my lips and lick my tongue and he touched my personal body part and my dream end

I had a dream that i saw

I had a dream that i saw my girlfriend suckingmy elder brother dick the second born, then i left because i was hurt and went to check my car at the engineer workshop,as I was above to leave, I saw her running my way my imidate brother which is the forth born was throwing stone on her cover her the stone was hitting me, i asked my brother to stop throwing stone on her then my brother said she was causing confusion between two Satamara, I told him i know and also to him she's under my care

My dream last night, i was in

My dream last night, i was in the ocean carrying 2 child ,girl and boy.the boy slowly fall in the boat but i did catch him immediately then after a while a big wave arrive and the boat brokw ,i swim hardly carrying 2 child and found a big stone in ocean to rest after we rest i open my eyes and i saw a big Stonehenge and i went there standing in the middle then there is light.my dream stopped

I was on the edge of a

I was on the edge of a mountain and from there I saw a lady feeding the white pigeons and those pigeons turned into white wolves