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I was due to look after a

I was due to look after a farm and was being shown round. We met a work colleague who was looking after two ferrets on the farm. He allowed them to feed by going in to his stomach and eating the contents.when they were finished they came out. I continued the farm tour with the anonymous farmer. I became aware that a young ferret was crawling up my body trying to feed from me but I wouldn't let it. It was scratching and biting as it tried to climb up my body to feed. I then woke up.

It was me which im a female,

It was me which im a female, AMD my son beating up my boyfriend which itsmy son dad. And we craked his head over a little. I had stop and seen that he had scratches on hi head, so I told my son to stop hitting him. My boyfriend was still alive. So me and my son where living when his dad grab my son by his legs and told my son do not leave me. My son left I went back in side when some girl walks in whit a baby saying it was my boyfriend and her baby it was a baby boy. so I grab the girl and start beating her up and I also cracked her head open. And I grab the baby and said that's my baby and grabbed the babyboy of her arms and when I grabbed the babyboy he through up on me. and I was outside the house I thought but this is not my baby this is boyfriend and that girls baby. So I went back inside and handle that girl her baby back. On my way out the door that girl comes out of the room and said is the baby my responsibility and my boyfriend mom said, yes he is and I said the same to that girl

I had a dream that at my

I had a dream that at my house, someone came over and brought their dogs. Well it was a party. And so as the party's going, the dogs come running to me and then they jump on me and start biting me and scratching me. By the time they were done, my stomach was cut and half of me was on the ground and I was bleeding really bad, I was dying. Then I was screaming in pain and no one was calling 911 they all ignored me. You wouldn't call 911 but you'd help me stop the bleeding as much as you could. In my dream I called it and they said they had no ambulances and then I called again and again. Eventually they came and we were on our way to the hospital and people wouldn't pull over. I don't remember the rest of the dream.

Me and my family lived in our

Me and my family lived in our old house. My mother said we'd have guests soon, and I went out for a walk. The scenery was normal, yet there was something odd in it. It felt surreal, the forest was like one from a fairy tale. It waa already late, and I was about to go home, but suddenly I felt like I have to go to the bridge near our old house. I ran, and when I arrived I noticed an otter-like creature, but I realised it's a muskrat. It swam on the right side at first, and I rushed to get its attention, but it already swam under the bridge and to the left side, where the water was a lot higher than on the right side which was nearly dry. I saw the muskrat swimming very near the surface, and suddenly it turned into a little girl. She didn't feel human but she looked like one. I talked with her a while, and before going home I said "bring the otters next time!". I went home and it was already dark. I looked into the mirror in our hall, and noticed I had huge scratch marks on my cheeks. I remembered my cheeks being itchy all day. My mom saw them too, and started to clean them up. It didn't sting at all.


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